Rock On Crack



Biddy Bitcoin writes;

Now deleted FF Tweet and response…

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  1. Yeah, Ok

    Fianna Fail oversaw the greatest period of riches this country has ever seen and likely will ever see, yet somehow by the end had invested almost nothing in healthcare, and now it’s everyone else’s fault. Brass necks.

  2. john f

    In material terms the Fianna fall Intern is right. The waiting lists numbers passing 1 million is something of a milestone. No matter what health campaign the government tried to launch they were going to get criticised. Unfortunately the subject matter of this one left them wide open.

    1. john f

      Sadly most of these officials are not directly affected by public health waiting lists as private healthcare is built into their contracts.
      The problem with health care in Ireland is complex. It is however clear that the dual healthcare system is not working in the interests of the vast majority.

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