Twisted Irony


Openly gay priest Fr James Martin

A petition to withdraw an invitation to pro-LGBT priest James Martin from the World Meeting of Families event has gained nearly 10,000 signatures.

The petition summary states that Fr James Martin should not be invited to the event as he “supports transgenderism for children,” and “favours homosexuals kissing during the mass.”

Petition to stop Fr James Martin from attending Dublin papal event gains nearly 10,000 signatures (Irish Independent)

Ronan Emmet writes:

These are most likely some of the same people that have criticised those people who have signed up for tickets with the intention of dumping them as a form of protest against the Pope’s visit…

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James Martin?

34 thoughts on “Twisted Irony

  1. paul

    so how many of those ‘nearly 10,000 signatures’ are Americans who see no problem with interfering with yet another country?

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Y’see? This is your problem. Treating me like a problem to be overcome. You need to see the REAL ME and speak to that person, not a PROJECT.
          Still not gonna work, though.
          Although you are adorable.

          I can see how you might think of these as mixed messages, you ineffably attractive GOBDAW. GO AWAY.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            pack of coyotes circled me in the grand canyon

            that was fupping scary

            fortunately for me, a much tougher fellow who knew what to do (shout and throw rocks) came along

  2. rotide

    “These are most likely some of the same people that have criticised those people who have signed up for tickets with the intention of dumping them as a form of protest against the Popes visit…”

    Ronan, There’s a world of a difference to calling for the removal of someone from an event to doing everything in your power to ensure that people you’ve never met can’t actually see the event.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      so you think it’s ok to bar that priest from coming because they know who he is? they’re barring him because he accepts different peoples sexuality .. who are also people they’ve never met .. just trying to see your argument here, coz at the moment it’s rooted in prejudice, and makes you seem like a complete @$$

        1. Dr.Fart MD

          just pointing out the difference? don’t be so naive. read the comment and tell me Rotide isn’t showing disdain for the people who are buying up tickets. Rotide is saying there’s a difference and is saying that people buying up tickets are worse than the people barring that priest. It fully reads like that and no other way. Tell me, Rotide.. how do you mean it? As i know you’re fond of distorting what you said once called out on your nasty ways.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            actually ya know what? im not guna get into this with either of you, there’s no reasoning to be done. not guna come back and check for replies. there’s no other reason for writing the comment you wrote, it’s clear for anyone to read what you meant. so toddle on there ya big bigoted bible-basher.

          2. rotide

            Well done, I am completely showing disdain for the people buying up the tickets. The difference is that i don’t have to bother showing disdain for the bigots and their petition because there is no indication that it will be acted upon ever.

            The new age bigots buying the tickets don’t bother with petitions and just skip straight to denying the rights of people that they don’t know and have never met. To paraphrase, ‘they’re probably the same people out draped in a rainbow flag the other week’.

            Now you may think that this view makes me bigoted and if you do, then that’s your right. Complete idiots have rights too and you’re welcome to yours.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            “is saying that people buying up tickets are worse”

            Clearly your reading of it, as, if one reads the comment, as it is, there is no inference of one being worse than the other. The extent of “difference” and / or the better or “worse” one or the other may be, is purely down to the reader.

            Just sayin’

          4. Dr.Fart MD

            i agree what you’re saying about the people buying up the tickets. yea yea i came back for a look. couldn’t help it. it’s a quite day in the practice.

  3. scottser

    in fairness, big frank is pretty conciliatory to gay folks – i wouldn’t have thought he’d put up with that oul guff.

    1. Rob_G

      The fact that they invited him in the first place would suggest a certain degree of inclusiveness for the event (certainly by the RCC’s standards, at any rate).

      Also, there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion of him being kicked off the bill, is there? People can create petitions until they are blue in the face; doesn’t necessarily mean they will be acted upon.

  4. Papi

    “favours homosexuals kissing during the mass”
    But the straights have to shake hands, no kissing!

    1. milk teeth

      I was wondering that, at what point does this happen? Just all though or has he created a new time or is it at the sing of peace bit? I’m kinda imagining him having a couple of gay fellas up behind the alter going at it though the whole mass.

  5. Murtles

    How did you get those two black eyes Paddy?

    Well I was at mass earlier and I seen that the woman in front of me had her skirt caught between the cheeks of her ar5e so I pulled it out for her. She turned around and whacked me in the eye.

    And what about the other eye?

    Well seeing as she was so upset about it, I tucked her skirt back in.

  6. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    I’m gonna have to have a word with the pope when hes over. What is it with God making all these gay kids.

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