Commanding A 220-Space Car Park


Plans for €80m Garda command centre approved for Dublin (RTE)

Pics: Department of Justice

29 thoughts on “Commanding A 220-Space Car Park

      1. Bonkers

        Military Road is narrow enough as it is, 220 extra cars coming in the mornings and leaving in the evenings should ensure it comes to a standstill.

          1. Bonkers

            Most will, this is not a new Garda Station, it is a complex for management levels. Lots of civilian admins too, all on 9-5 hours. 2 cars cannot pass each other without one pulling over on Military Road as it is so adding 220 car spaces is bad planning, especially in an area served by several bus routes and the Luas.

          2. Alan mc gee

            they won’t all arrive and leave at the same time because they live in different places, hither and thither. so they’ll arrive and leave at different times.
            the scenario you imagine depends on them all living in one big Garda house. which would probably be to your liking as you’d get 55 to a coach meaning 4 coaches would arrive in the morning depositing the 220 people working at the facility and 4 coaches would return them home to the big Garda house.
            or perhaps you wouldn’t like 4 coaches on ‘Military’ road. perhaps you’d like them to arrive on 110 tandem bikes from the big Garda house.

          3. Nigel

            So they’ll all leave at different times to arrive at the building at roughly the same time to start work every morning and leave at roughly the same time every evening to go home I don’t understand what you think you’re saying but it’s hilariously argumentative.

  1. J

    Vacant Strip of underdeveloped land in ideal location, Im struggling to get to grips with the outrage on this one. The childrens hospital i didnt get it. This, well yeah it seems spot on.

  2. Rep

    Why does it being so close to Royal Hospital Kilmainham make it so much worse?

    I had thought that the Kevin St station was their new hq. Not sure why they need another one but that is right beside Patricks Cathedral and Marsh library and was built without any fuss that I can recall?

  3. Grace

    Military road is a small narrow road that suffers from congestion during the working day as it is – Eir and a number of other companies have offices there — plus all the residents in the HSQ apartments. Adding an extra couple of hundred garda cars to the mix will be very unpleasant for all. Especially with the range of transport links beside that location, no need for that many car park spaces in just a six story building – Underground or not, they can only use the same road to get in and out.

    1. Cian

      Are these Gardaí 9-to-5-ers? Would the additional 220 cars be just at peak rush-hour times? or are they a 24×7 station where the traffic is spread across the day?

      1. george

        If they didn’t expect there to be 220 cars at the same time they wouldn’t want 220 spaces. If I was 110 during the day and 110 at night they’d only build 110.

  4. Slip Digby

    I’m guessing that the bemusement is related to the lack of extra parking allocated to the Children’s hospital?

  5. The Dude

    This is a good laugh.

    The distance between the proposed scheme and RHK main block is circa 250 metres. That’s effectively the same as the distance between the Ha’Penny and O’Connell Bridges.

    The height of the recent buildings along the west side of Military Road ranges between 6 – 8 floors. Those buildings are in the sight line between RHK and the intended scheme. Hence the new scheme should not be visible from the RHK – unless one climbs up a ladder on top of the roof.

    It is also being built on top of vacant idle lands – and thus not contributing to Dublin’s notorious urban sprawl.

    It had been hoped to see if there was anything other not presently apparent – yet a blog attributed to the author seems to have been last updated a year ago. Nonetheless the twitter does have a few tit-bits including a swipes at current government policy – ‘A very sly move by Fine Gael to enrich its friends in the property sector’… That seems a bit odd given that McDonald is friends of high-profile developers including Richard Barrett and Johnny Ronan – formerly of Treasury Holdings – if the following linked article is to be believed.

    Finally, it also seems incongruous to attack the OPW for granting the police permission for a new police building – given there is a specific facility in the Planning Acts so as to allow such developments. It seems reasonable that a former environment editor should already be aware of such basic planning law?

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