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  1. Frilly Keane

    We’re a Welfare Nation

    Looks like that Spin Unit haven’t quite gone away

    I never thought De’ Examiner would be that stuck

    1. Cian

      According to the GINI coefficient Ireland is one of the most unequal countries before social transfers are included. Once included we become mid group.

      So yes. Ireland is a Welfare Nation.

        1. Cian

          It depends on how you look at it:
          a) That we, as a nation, care and provide good support for those in need?
          b) That we, as a nation, have a very unequal and unfair society and are forced to pay off the poor to keep them sweet?

        2. Ben Redmond

          Ever heard of crows flying over Leitrim & Roscommon airspace? They have to carry their own food supplies until reaching Mullingar.

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      We have a welfare class, they are hooked on it. Go ask someone who runs a business about trying to get part time employees to take on more hours, they decline as it affects their welfare.

        1. Rob_G

          I disagree – this is a classic example of a welfare trap preventing people from furthering their own position in the world.

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            Leftist policy gone wrong, they get enough crumbs to sustain themselves, but they can never grow.

          2. Nigel

            That’s what stagnant wage rates and zero hour contracts will do for you.

            Also our unemployment rate is 5.1% and falling so I don’t know how much of a trap it really is.

          3. george

            It’s called a poverty trap not a welfare trap. It does the individual long term harm as they don’t progress in their career because of short term losses. Social Welfare schemes need to be better designed so that they taper off rather than drop away completely at a given threshold.

          4. Rob_G

            @ Nigel – you keep mentioning ‘stagnant wage rates’; another poster pointed out on a different thread that this is at odds with reality.

          5. Nigel

            I wonder if wage increases are effectively wiped out by high house prices and rents though. Hard to see how they could possibly keep pace across the board.

          6. Rob_G

            @ Nigel – quite probably, yes. But if you increase wages again to compensate, you will end up in an inflationary spiral.

  2. petey

    me da left clare in about 1941, and west clare too, but he’s dead, so he won’t be knowing mr logan.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      drawing your infomation from alt-right, conspiratorial blogs, charger?

      all makes sense now

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            Go on – try a little harder.
            After all,I read the Guardian every day.Sometimes you’ve gotta know what the enemy is thinking.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Describing the guardian as the enemy is hilarious. Keep up the stellar work Ollie.

          3. jusayinlike

            @ Mary Lous Armpit..

            Sweden – solitary migrant spat.

            Yorkshire – pedo haven.

            Charger throws stones but lives in a greenhouse.

          4. Ollie Cromwell

            ” solitary migrant spat ”
            Well that made me laugh.
            But you’re right – the authorities in the UK have turned a blind eye to predatory Pakistani grooming gangs in the North for far too long.

          5. jusayinlike

            ” Pakistani grooming gangs..”
            with legitimate British passports..

            Laugh all you like, when it comes to social problems Britain is by far the worst in western Europe..

          6. Nigel

            Haha when far right and alt-right can’t quite mesh their narratives. Hands up who thinks Tommy Whatsisface’s free speech tights were violated?

  3. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Corbyn really is a tool, he could make all this go away by condemning the actions of the Palestinian terrorists but his hatred of Jews and his myopic view of the situation prevents him.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      It’s why Corbyn consistently polls as a worse choice as Prime Minister than even the dreadful Theresa May.
      In fact he sometimes comes third in a two horse race and polls even worse than Don’t Knows.
      His one redeeming factor is that he’s helping deliver Brexit – for now.

      1. Rob_G

        I am surprised that left-leaning Irish people, who generally oppose Brexit, like Corbyn as much as they do – all through his career until two years’ ago*, he was generally opposed to the EU and everything about it. He isa much more enthusiastic about Brexiteer than May ever was.

        *or so he would have the electorate believe

          1. Rob_G

            I suppose you could, but Corbyn hasn’t really opposed Brexit since his bare-minumum effort in the run-up to the referendum.

        1. edalicious

          I think Irish people can possibly understand the different nuanced reasons for Corbyn and May supporting Brexit, and see that Corbyn at least has somewhat more noble intentions.

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Others don’t have to discredit him, he is supremely capable of doing that all by himself.

      2. Rob_G

        This is definitely a factor, but he does not do himself many favours. A lot of it is tabloid baiting; other episodes are more difficult to explain away.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    I know.
    Denying he was present at the wreath-laying memorial for the Palestinian terrorists who killed and castrated at least one of the Israeli athletes.
    Then saying he was there but not involved in it as a picture emerges of him holding the wreath.
    Then claiming he mourns the victims of all terrorism – can’t see him visiting Omagh or Eniskillen any time soon.
    Corbyn is a lifelong anti-Semite happy to mix with unsavoury characters the world over.His Corbynite stormtroopers are the lowlifes of British politics.
    Fortunately he’ll never be Prime Minister.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Fortunately we’ll never know.
        Until his elevation to the leadership no other Labour leader thought him competent enough to hold even a junior post in government or opposition throughout his entire political career.
        I’ve met him a few times – an amiable old Trot but in need of a good tailor.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            Don’t get me wrong.He’s a well-intentioned fool.And quite the lad in his youth as Diane Abbott will testify.She was a bit of a looker in her day until the dessert trolley of life came round.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          perhaps, perhaps not

          irrespective of what you think about corbyn’s competency or politics, he’s at least motivated by a desire to serve britain and do what’s best for the british people – every other high-profile politician in britain today is either a dithering opportunist (eg may) or motivated by ego (eg johnson) or self-interest (eg RM)

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            I’m not sure supporting terrorists who were killing innocent people on the streets of Blighty is doing what’s best for the British people.
            Nor espousing the economic catastrophe in Venezuala under Chavez/Maduro as the way forward for the UK economy.
            Mind you Corbyn’s a puppy compared to his shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who really is a nasty piece of work.
            And opportunism,ego and self-interest ? Name me a politician aspiring to lead their country who doesn’t combine all three _ you think Varadkar
            is in it just for the kudos ?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            believing engagement and dialogue to be the only way to resolve a conflict doesn’t equate to supporting terrorists. it’s pragmatic and sensible.

            as for varadkar, i’d agree wholeheartedly. and i’d more than happily have corbyn in place of him.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          and “in need of a good tailor”? ever met boris?

          and if we’re going on appearances, does RM model himself on adrian mole or is that just a happy coincidence?

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            He wears a suit and tie.
            Does that make him Adrian Mole ?
            You’re struggling this morning old sport.Late night ?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            the similarities run deeper than that

            (and every night’s a late night. not that i’m bragging)

          3. Ollie Cromwell

            Aw,c’mon BB don’t be shy of the spotlight.
            You said JRM models himself on Adrian Mole.How exactly ?

          4. Brother Barnabas

            not many go to seemingly extreme lengths to portray themselves publicly as a geeky onanist

            just curious where RM got his inspiration

            perhaps you know something of it?

          5. Daisy Chainsaw

            Ollie, you should have spent some time learning from the friars, instead of butchering them. Brother B asked a question “does RM model himself on adrian mole or is that just a happy coincidence?” A question is a question, not a statement.

          6. Ollie Cromwell

            Onanist ? He’s got six children you numbskull.
            He’s also polite,well-mannered and well-respected across the political spectrum.
            Of course he’s wealthy having made a fortune in the risky business of emerging markets and also marrying into landed gentry money.
            And he’s in a significant position of influence in the Tory party having been elected leaders of the ERG group of MPs.
            Not bad for a nerdy geek.

    1. george

      He is holding a wreath for a ceremony for a massacre at a refugee camp as he has explained. It’s strange that a lot of the newspapers are quoting the second of the paragraphs below but not the first.

      From Corbyn’s article about the trip.

      “The PLO had relocated after the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla in 1982 when Israeli troops oversaw massacres by Phalangist militias at the huge refugee camps in Lebanon, home to Palestinians driven from their homes in 1948.

      After wreaths were laid at the graves of those who died on that day and on the graves of others killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991, we moved to the poignant statue in the main avenue of the coastal town of Ben Arous, which was festooned with Palestinian and Tunisian flags.”

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Last Friday Corbyn said he only attended an event for civilian victims of an air-strike.
        On Monday he admitted he attended an event for Black September terrorists, but didn’t participate.
        Today he admitted he did participate. Regardless of everything else, the man is a serial liar.
        Meanwhile his loyal ally and fixer in the House of Commons Chris Williamson said the Black September terrorists who killed 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics and castrated one of them in front on his team-mates said they were ” alleged terrorists ” and ” we don’t know if they were involved in terror ” while comparing Jeremy Corbyn to Nelson Mandela.
        All this would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening.

  5. Martco


    was wondering when the free Franklin Mint coins were going to show up

    hopefully the crowd don’t use them as missiles at the big show

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    THEN: Project Fear warned a Brexit Leave vote would plunge the UK into an immediate recession with 750,000 job losses.

    NOW: Today’s economic news.

    Unemployment lowest for more than 43 years falling by 65,000 between April and June 2018.

    Number of people in work up by 42,000.

    86,000 fewer EU nationals working in the UK.

    Fewer immigrants mean better wages and job prospects for indigenous citizens.

    Blighty is booming baby !

      1. The Old Boy

        Because lead-swinging is rapidly becoming the national pastime (says the chap on Broadsheet while he is supposed to be working.)

      2. Ollie Cromwell

        Uncertainty over Brexit.
        A temporary blip rather than the cataclysmic drop promised by Project Fear.
        It’s inevitable given the length of negotiations until the final outcome is known.
        Industry remains confident with record inward investment and higher than any other EU country thanks in part to the fall in sterling.
        Incidentally that fall in sterling and the subsequent boost in exports would easily outweigh the average 3% tariffs that would be imposed in the event of a No Deal WTO-rules Brexit.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          oh right…

          odd, though, because according to the ONS, it’s due to a significant increase in part-time, temporary and zero contract positions in place of ‘real jobs’

          all part of the race to the bottom

          possibly also what’s squeezing household incomes in the UK to a degree not seen since the 70s

          but you’re probably right when you say brexit will improve the lot of the common man (when the common man is the likes of johnson, farage and rees-mole

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            You’re being selective,which is no surprise.
            The ONS also said the survey that produced the data should be treated with caution and that as a share of all contracts the proportion of zero hours contracts remained unchanged at 6 per cent.
            There are also a great many people like students and mothers who prefer the flexibility of such contracts.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Finally, you can get a job as a fruit picker, now that all the nasty furriners aren’t around to take them.

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