Jody Corcoran

There are two issues which give rise for concern. First, the reaction on social media to Donnelly’s decision should be ignored by all right-thinking people. Social media is an uninformed sewer…

Donnelly’s choice, Howlin’s radicalism and the legacy of Enda Kenny (Jody Corcoran, Sunday Independent, February 17, 2017)

It was at this point that the reaction went into overdrive: So, who was really responsible for this anyway? Have a look at the open sewer that is social media

Jody Corcoran: Shrill voices raining down on heads of the homeless (Jody Corocran, Sunday Indpendent yesterday)

Reg writes:

Does Jody not realise he is working at INM?


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32 thoughts on “Throwing Poo

  1. phil

    Some of the stuff said on the journal about those kids in the Garda station the other week was kinda amazing,
    Victim blaming, the very same stuff said about families crossing the Med for sanctuary in Europe…

    now what I did notice was some of those saying the bad things, was that, a handful of them would be very supportive of FG types …..

    1. Andrew

      Yes phil. How dare people voice an opinion that differs from yours. The cheek!!
      Of course, they MUST be FG ‘types’ !

    2. cupofteaanyone

      Phil, I didn’t see any victim blaming on this.

      No one blamed the children for their situation. Many blamed the mother who had child after child she couldn’t afford in a bid to strong-arm the government into giving her a free house and expects us to pay for the raising of her children.

        1. cupofteaanyone

          But its not the children’s fault and the mother got herself into this situation willingly.

          1. Nigel

            Not the children’s fault that the mother orchestrated a steadily worsening homelessness crisis over the last near decade gotacha.

          2. cupofteaanyone

            11 years ago she was on the housing list because she had a child she couldn’t afford. Instead of trying to get out of the situation she was in she had 6 more children. She knew each child came with a cost that she was not able to pay and she had the children anyway with the expectation that someone else would pay to raise them.
            In 2015 she said in an article that she understood that her situation was tougher because she had 6 kids. Then she decided to have a 7th child to make things harder.

            Someone needs to sit her down and tell her that she is in this situation because she keeps having more and more kids. Has anyone informed her that to have an 8th kid as would make her life even harder?

  2. Elron

    Im very surprised the the BS luvvies haven’t offered any accommodation to the Traveller and Roma families that have to spend the nights in Garda stations. Is it cos they is not Syrian?

    1. george

      No, it’s because that’s not an effective responsive to homelessness.

      Also can afford to have a spare room these day?

    2. Elron

      Or maybe cos they are not as sexy as Syrians? A la carte “compassion” perhaps? The caring brigade were tripping all over themselves offering beds to refugees – even Sir Bob was in the queue… now its just tumbleweed…

      1. Nigel

        Oh wow I was worried about the homelessness crisis but now you guys have pwnd some luvvies everything’s going to be okay

        1. Elron

          You were making sure others knew you were worried about the homelessness crisis. Fixed that for you :-)

          1. Nigel

            You are making sure people know you are worried about people who are worried about the homelessness crisis and pwning them like a boss.

  3. MaynoothFrenchConnection

    Jeez, the only person that takes Jody seriously is Jody. He came up the ranks from an Offaly local paper and broke major stories when he first started in the Sindo. Then he kind of changed and took the Sindo line hook line and sinker which was a shame.

  4. rotide

    Seriously lads, can you not just ignore all journalistic/narrative/communication standards completely?

    I have no idea who Jody Corcoran is or what he is writing about. There is nothing in this post that explains any of it apart from two links to his articles (Behind a login wall no less). Give us a LITTLE bit of background and don’t just abdicate all responsibility to the press that you hate so much.

    ‘Jody Corcoran writing about Johnny Donnelly’s record breaking time in the men’s 5000m steeplechase in Berlin’
    ‘Jody Corcoran writing about Homeless Mother’s stay in Garda station’ (which is what I assume the articles are about with but with no information otherwise, its hard to tell)

    You guys give out about the media and *EVIL MUSIC* The Journal, but those sources actually give the news , complete with context and background, which is something broadsheet never ever does unless its 15 pages of bare factual statements.

    1. Bodger

      Rotide. the guy describing social media as a sewer works for a media company drowning in sewage. It’s not news, just a bang of Alanis on a Monday, which some readers enjoy.

      1. Cian

        In fairness to rotide, the formatting on the original post was a bit screwy and it made less sense than we currently see above.

        It is still a bit vague – considering one of the links needs you to register.

      2. rotide

        Even with the reformat, its still VERY vague and relies on the reader to have the inherent bias that anything even remotely connected with an INM company could be regarded as sewage. You yourself provide links INM publications in relation to genuine current affairs and don’t expect the readers instant reaction to be SEWAGE! but rather to read the information presented.

        I like the paraphrase though, we can make Alanis happen Gretchen!

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