Historian and activist Catherine Corless at the site of the mass grave at the former Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway

Survivors and relatives of infants from the Tuam mother and babies home are planning a peaceful vigil in Co Galway to coincide with the papal Mass [on Sunday, August 26] in Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

….Ms [Catherine] Corless and members of the Tuam Babies Family Group will light candles and place a special sculpture made by Flemish women in the shape of a baptismal font at the grave site of the former Bon Secours home.

Tuam mother and baby home survivors to hold vigil during pope’s visit (Irish Times)


5 thoughts on “All Welcome

  1. Truth in the News

    Mr Ferriter seems to have to revised his historical narrative on Tuam as for Madam Prone
    she’s possibly under the illusion from the fake news she was fed from the Nuns that
    nothing untoward happened at all.
    The Pope will motorcade up the N17 from Knock Airport to Knock Village, it would serve
    the Catholic Church better if they took him up the road a couple miles further to Tuam on
    his chariot, while the Patron Saint of the Tuam Diocese is St Jarlath with the symbolism
    connected with the broken Chariot Wheel, the Pope can have no excuse in getting
    there, as in his motorcade all the Chariots will have plenty of spare wheels…..
    Incidentlly why has not the Bishop of Tuam Diocese issued an invitation to the Pope partake in the Vigil

  2. Truth in the News

    With a Skoda he should make Tuam, after all Hitler took over most of Europe with
    earlier model’s and to getting the Saw Doctors on cue there a man down
    Repent and be saved

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