A Vicious Cycle


Dublin Cycling tweetz:

This morning’s collision is the third such incident in the past two months in which a person cycling on Dublin’s Quays has been seriously injured. How many more people will be maimed or killed before a safe, segregated Liffey Cycle Route is built?

Cyclist seriously injured after being struck by lorry in Dublin city centre (Independent.ie)

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30 thoughts on “A Vicious Cycle

  1. John Player Blue Ghosts

    If drivers in Amsterdam (or most other European cities) suddenly adopted the same attitude towards cyclists as drivers in Dublin currently have, there would be civil unrest in all of them.

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority have completely failed Dublin’s cyclists.
    The Liffey Cycle Route was first proposed in 2011 and there isn’t even a final design for it yet.

  3. baz

    lots of silly cyclists about that’s why hauliers have invested € in fleet camera systems.

    the footage generally makes quick closure of the investigations into these incidents

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      That’s victim-blaming, and it’s also complete bull poo. Road Haulage groups have fought safety measures tooth and nail. They oppose safe overtaking distances for cyclists. They refuse to install proper mirrors or guard rails on their vehicles which could help prevent collisions with cyclists.

      1. Praetorian.

        Gaurd rails and multi lens blind spot mirrors are compulsory on all HGVs…fact.
        All HGVs and most coaches/buses have warning signs at the rear warning cyclists not to go up the inside if vehicle is turning.
        Cyclists dont care.

        1. small ads

          I’ve never cycled up the inside of a truck, but often trucks have driven up beside me.

          But in the photo the truck driver appears to have hit someone cycling *towards* him?

    2. Braaap

      You realize the cyclist was traveling straight at the junction when the truck made that left turn swing? The truck should have gone up the road, come back around and turned right. Lots of silly hauliers about using phones while driving and racing around the city.

    3. George

      The problem is the terrible design of the trucks. Why is the driver so high up? Because it is cheaper to make the truck that way at the expense of other people’s lives.

      There are alternative designs available where the driver is at a safe height like in a bus. Safety regulations should be brought in to specify a safe height for a driver.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Do you own a haulage company or something? Nice to victim blame while someone lies seriously injured in hospital.

    4. small ads

      Huge trucks don’t belong in cities. That’s why they’re banned.

      But everything in Ireland is for sale. That’s why you can buy a permit.

      Ireland is sleepwalking into economy-breaking fines for carbon pollution. Two things would take a huge chunk out of our carbon footprint:
      * a separated, protected cycle network in the capital that would get people in large numbers out of their cars
      * a cheap government-supported hire purchase scheme for both PV and thermal solar panels, which could cut domestic fuel bills by more than a third.
      Will we see either? No we won’t – until cyclists get out canvassing in the Minister for Transport’s constituency (and the junior minister’s), and greens get out canvassing in the Minister for the Environment’s constituency. But part of the problem in corrupt countries is that the population become passive and feel there’s nothing they can do to make things better; the result, usually, is that violence becomes the preferred option for change.

    1. Braaap

      its a 4 axle truck, but it is articulated, they probably remove an axle to get around the ban..

    2. Cian

      There is a lot of building work on the quays – I assume that trucks supplying the building sites can get an exemption of some kind? This truck might be exempt.

  4. Wagner Cycles Ring of Killarney

    Appalling. Hope the cyclist will be OK but the report reads badly for that person and the outcome is very serious. Again, another f***ing truck or tour bus turning left. Hope the truck driver isn’t shook up mentally or emotionally too.

    Until there is a separate structure the cycling injuries and deaths will continue. Roads cannot be shared with bigger, lethal vehicles. Accidents happen. Drivers and cyclists are human. Mistakes are made.

    Haterzaregonnahate with their road tax, driving licence, red light, cycling helmet BS. That’s all it is – BS.

    1. paul

      or a cyclist ‘chanced’ a red light. We don’t know. Either or neither could be at fault. Until we know, focus should be in improving infrastructure. Even after we know, that should still be the focus.

      1. Jésus María Josépha

        +2 wheels. Right. The infrastructure is key. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good track record at ANY infrastructure decisions…. It’s political.

    2. dan

      ” Again, another f***ing truck or tour bus turning left. ”
      And another cyclist taking a chance by going up the inside?

      1. Jésus María Josépha

        I see you chose to blame not the vehicle but the person involved. Read a bit more in future. Or learn to.

        Good luck repeating that Leaving by the way.

        Thejournal.ie site down?

  5. Leopold Gloom

    This is only 1 of 2 very serious accidents in the city centre today that have injured a cyclist and destroyed a bike.

    If you’ve to make that wide an arc to complete a turn, you should be turning.

  6. Monaghan Man Ultan

    Yawn. Give it up. We’re tired on these White Van Man comments. The gym is still open. Find a spin class and a bike that fits if you can.

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