Staying In Tonight?



On RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Brendan O’Connor’s new show Time Out.

Gareth Naughton, of RTE, writes:

“In the first in a three-part series…Majella O’Donnell speaks openly about everything from the impact of the breakdown of her first marriage and finding love again with husband Daniel to coping with depression and why she’s happy to not have a teenager around the house.

“In this clip, Majella explains why she wasn’t overwhelmed by her wedding day to Daniel when just 40 of the 500 guests were on her side.”

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23 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      He used to be an awful gowl but I think he’s improved with age. I’ll damn him with faint praise by saying he’s not the worst.
      I still won’t watch it, obvs.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Ha!! I never liked his work: too dry. Well: I exaggerate to make myself sound better-read. I only tried one book.

    1. Rob_G

      I mean, she certainly does, but the public really need that much more insight into her life after being on that B&B programme or whatever it was?

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        “or whatever it was?”. Sure, sure. Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

        Do you know what surprised me? I always felt Daniel would close the door after performing and break his hole laughing, conga-ing his way to his bank. But he’s actually a complete dryballs.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          His stint on Strictly was hillarious, sarky little madam when he wanted to be. He needs to back away from the fillers though cos he has serious botox pillowface

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Vogue won’t be talking to tv shows because it won’t pay her enough. She’s saving all her stories for OK! exclusives on her pregnancy.

  1. realPolithicks

    I never get to see any of these shows (thankfully) but based on what gets shown here on BS it appears that RTE have a roster of about ten people that they rotate through their shows for interview purposes. That’s when they are not interviewing their own employees of course….

  2. ReproButina

    Screw that. Only thing worth watching on RTÉ tonight is Sanctuary at the ridiculous time of 11:30.

  3. Charlie

    Good grief! Do we have to watch another Majella interview. Surely Brendan can come up with someone more original that this? I like Brendan but this is hugely disappointing.

  4. Lilly

    Why do people want to go on telly talking about the private heartache of a marriage breakup? I don’t get it.

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