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  1. Monaghan Man Ultan

    “Dropouts” mar Pope’s visit. That’s some way to talk about the Catholic hierarchy and fans.

    1. Gabby

      Will the long-haired episcopal dropouts camp on Croagh Patrick and live on bread and water? Let’s be liberal and suggest that they retire to a Salvation Army hostel, where they’ll get breakfast and evening meals.

  2. Monaghan Man Ultan

    SBP interview with Catholic Primate at least isn’t apeing the “we’re not done being Catholic yet” nonsense from Diarmuid “Croagh Patrick” Ferriter in the Irish Times….

    1. Lilly

      I saw this comment on the Guardian website just now, and thought Ollie might like it :)

      ‘I was born and raised in the south of England, left the country in 1983 and moved to France then on to Canada in 87. Four years ago I returned to the UK (after 30 years away) to help look after my elderly father, it seems that a lifetime of paying tax into the British shitstym didn’t guarantee him care in his last days.

      ‘The Britain I returned to is pathetic, miserable and depressing. Every second shop on the high street is either a betting shop or a charity shop. Obesity has become a very obvious problem in our poorer neighbourhoods. The air quality is terrible, alcoholism is rampant and nobody seems to have a clue as to how to cook a decent healthy meal (if they could afford to do so which many can’t). The amount of homeless people sleeping in doorways and parks is a national disgrace. Most people I meet are either under-employed, unemployed or just hanging on to a job they hate but can’t leave. Rents are sky high and wages are low. The hospitals are under staffed and overrun. The schools are poorly funded and the teachers are obviously suffering from that as are the kids.

      ‘I’m leaving at the end of next month and returning to Canada, I’ll never live in the UK again under any circumstances. The racism is shocking, and I’ve seen my fair share of it travelling the world. I’m tired of hearing under educated, ignorant British people complaining about “foreigners” even though those same “foreigners” are running their hospitals and schools, cleaning their streets and taking care of their elderly. I’m sick to death of the bizarre and entirely fanciful notion that Britain is in some way “special” or “exceptional”.

      ‘Brexit was the final straw, the idea that the entire country should go down the tubes based on the rank ignorance of a mere 37% of the electorate is beyond me. In Britain it seems the idea of majority rule has been replaced with rule by those with the biggest mouths. Working class men and women showing their Stockholm Syndrome by looking up to the like of Johnson, Gove or Mogg and seeing them as their leaders… as representatives of “the people”.

      ‘Britain’s membership of the EU is one of its major attractions, take us out of the EU and we are just a small damp rainy and windy country off the coast of Norther France with a nasty past an uncertain present and no future. The sooner the great British public comes to terms with their place in the world the better. In the meantime I’ll be fine, my Canadian residency papers and my Irish grandmother mean I can sidestep the shitstorm that is enveloping the UK, unfortunately my friends and family that still live on the miserable god forsaken rock will not be so lucky.’

      1. Itchysays

        + 1000 This

        Thats the most concise, succinct expression of Britain in the last 40 years…

        Cheers Lily

      2. Ollie Cromwell

        It’s The Guardian comments section – what do you expect ? It’s where SJW’s go to stamp their feet and scweam and scweam and scweam.
        I’m at Trent Bridge in the delightful city of Nottingham this afternoon watching an enthralling game of cricket surrounded by English and Indian fans getting along famously.
        Unemployment in Blighty is at a 42-year low,the housing market remains bouyant,people are still going away on their annual holidays,the circle of life goes on as it always has done.
        And the country still remains a magnet for bright and talented immigrants who see plenty of future in a prosperous country.
        The writer of those comments is just another whiny Sandalista upset that a majority of people voted for Britain to change the way it trades with the rest of the world.
        He won’t find the grass any greener in Canada although if this week’s media reports are anything to go by there are lots of young Irish people causing trouble out there to make him feel at home with his Irish grandmother heritage.
        Fortunately the many,many thousands of Irish people who see their future in Blighty rather than back home don’t share his gloomy prognosis.
        Pip pip !

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          they have always had one eye on the exit sign,
          keeping the pound was a good indication

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            maybe it would have cooled their jets and helped with the pyscology of belonging :)

  3. realPolithicks

    That’s very sad news regarding Billy Connolly, we can be subjected to some very cruel illnesses as we age. I wish him well.

  4. SOQ

    I read an interesting opinion recently which said that Brexiters argue from ideology while Remainers argue from economics. Five months out from a deal (or not) and businesses have no clue as to what is going to happen. Some need to plan for up to two years in advance of course.

    In Ireland, the scariest thing to emerge so far is the very under reported legislation to give stop and search powers for one mile on the north side of the border. Hang onto your hats because the moment that happens is when ‘the Irish problem’ becomes physically political again except this time it is a straight down the line civil rights issue.

    1. bisted

      …I’ve read loads…but…I sopke to some people recently who cannot wait for brexit…the SAS*…the harder the better…they reckon that their best revenue stream will be from people smuggling into england…

      *SAS = South Armagh Smugglers

      – you are correct Ollie…loads of people trying to get into blighty…

      1. Monaghan Man Ultan

        SAS = Sorry Assed Sasanachs.

        We need a whole new terminology to describe those Brexit losers and their fellow-travellers and sneaking regarders in Ireland.

        Instead of #Brexit, #BallsEUp might be a start…

        And why do we have to wait for the Brits to leave? Sling them out of the EU now… let’s face it, nobody likes them anyway. Vive La France!

  5. Monaghan Man Ultan

    Weekend Guardian still has the best satire:

    Gotta Heart that Stewart Lee!

    A floppy-haired beast of Brexit walks among us


    Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Johnson is a fat naughty dog, running away from the butcher’s with a string of fascist sausages, made of all the least nourishing parts of already discredited arguments, chased by betrayed Leave voters in straw hats and blood-stained aprons, shaking their fists and waving their cleavers.

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