A Limerick A Day


US First Lady Melania Trump speaks during a cyberbullying prevention summit yesterday

The First Lady says rudeness online
Is something that’s never benign
But her husband Don
Just keeps tweeting on
About Brennan, and reckons it’s fine

John Moynes

Pic: AFP/Getty

12 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Paulus

      Which reminds me of the interviewer who asked Debbie McGee – something like:
      “What was it that first attracted you to the millionaire magician Paul Daniels?”

      1. The Old Boy

        Mrs Merton (the creation of the late Caroline Aherne.) Another highlight was her asking George Best, “if you hadn’t done all that running around playing football, do you think you would have been so thirsty?”

        Chris Eubank failed to see the funny side of her line of questioning and sat in stony silence for most of the interview.

        1. Boj

          Ah Mrs. Merton really was great. I didn’t see those particular interviews so I’ll educate myself this evening!

        2. :-Joe

          lol…. I think she said to Eubank after his suprise defeat ” why did you let Steve Collins lick you in the ring”… he wasn’t impressed and/or aware what was going on.

          A very funny comedian indeed..


  1. :-Joe

    Well done Mr.Moynes…

    Unless she desperately wanted to be a reality star and it’s all just got out of hand for her straight into the white hose, Slovenia must be one hell of a tough place to make you want to jump into the tiny clutches of mental patient zero.

    Either that or it’s high level espionage..


  2. Culchie Bot

    John Brennan, a Muslim communist who somehow got appointed by Obama to head the CIA.

    Nothing to see here.

    1. Nigel

      Ah you had me going I thought you were for real but you’re obviously reverse Jimmy Russell. Fair play.

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