16 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    This vicious knife fight between two families reported in the Irish Daily Mail.
    Am I allowed to ask if it involves members of the Traveller community?
    I mean,just asking.

  2. john f

    I see project fear 2.0 regarding BREXIT is still continuing. I think people have started to get immune to it. The Telegraph’s front page headline about ex-convicts becoming magistrates to improve diversity is like something out of the twilight zone.
    The idea that more former offenders would reassure minorities is laughable. One has to ask why minorities are making up such large percentages of those convicted?

    1. SOQ

      Because they are usually poor? As are most other convicts so it is mainly socioeconomic factors. You won’t see many Eton boys getting locked up and some of them are from similar backgrounds these days.

    1. Martco

      tis the only bit of real news on that lead page today…I don’t know much about the technicals of being a lead editor but it seems to me that at the Independent it involves mainly printing Govt press releases

  3. Giggidygoo

    There’s Varadkar, and Harris out saying that the church’must do this. must do that’ when in fact it is the failure of the State to. actually pursue the abuse cases. I hope Varadkar puts his 16 minutes that the Pope allowed him to good use. Eh? 16 minutes allowed to a country’s leader, especially the country one is visiting. It’ll be interesting the allocation of time to the unimportant abuse victims.

    1. small ads

      Where are they going to find abuse victims willing to meet the head of the organisation? Though I suppose the starfúpper aspect may draw a few.

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