Come And Have A Go


Michael D Higgins at the Presidential election count in Dublin Castle, November 11, 2011



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5 thoughts on “Come And Have A Go

  1. hapfff

    on the ballot
    – Adams
    – Duffy
    – Freeman
    – Gallagher
    – Higgins

    not on the ballot
    – any of the other possibilities.

    1. hapfff

      lol the BS machine is translating ‘fru1tcakes’ as ‘possibilities’

      #defendfreespeech #nocensorship

  2. LeopoldGloom

    Now this is going to mean a lot of schools are closed that day to be used as polling centres. Why not have it the following week, when pretty much all are closed and on midterm. Students might be home too as it’s also reading week in most 3rd level places.

    Flip side, plenty of folks are on holidays, however, the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend is going to see a load of people travelling anyway and I expect turnout to be low.

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