Fox-bothering Presidential hopeful Gavin Duffy in what appears to be a promotional video for the Freemasons from the 1990s.

John Finuncane writes:

I wonder is Gavin still a Freemason?

As he is perfectly entitled to be.


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28 thoughts on “Lodge-ical

  1. hapfff

    really want Duffy and O’Doherty to get nominations now. imagine PrimeTime when she tries to expose him as a lizard man

  2. louis lefronde

    What’s wrong with being a Freemason….? Most of the Irish ones, I’ve met are in the motor industry, no joke!

          1. :-Joe

            …but it’s never pointless and boring when…

            ..Scientists describe how spacecraft travelling to distant regions of the solar system are slingshotting back and forth, further and deeper into space and sometimes only possible the gravitational force from uranus….


  3. Shane Duffy

    What a moron the poster is! Duffy was a broadcaster for RTE back in the day. This is obviously from a TV report. When ever,have the Mason issued a promo video? In the name of jasyus, get a grip lads.

    1. :-Joe

      haha… good aul G ‘avin a laugh, trying to get away with everyything….

      Take’n the piss as usual , what a chance’r..


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