Meanwhile, On Kevin Street



This morning.

At the launch of the new Kevin Street Garda Station.

Fine Gael Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and the Acting Garda Commissioner Dónall Ó Cualáin (third pic); Mr Flanagan and Independence Alliance Minister of State for the Office of Public Works Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran speak to media (fourth pic) and Deputy Commissioner John Twomey with chair of the Policing Authority Josephine Feehily (above).


This morning.

At the launch of the new Kevin Street Garda Station.

NARIreland tweetz:

Glad to have a bird’s eye view of the official opening of the new Kevin Street Garda Station. Welcome back to the neighbourhood!

Top pics: Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Kevin Street

    1. DeKloot

      Moreso the idiots blocking the yellow box. I swear there’s some mornings that if I had access to firearms, I’d use them there. Followed by a quick stroll to the lockup.

  1. Andrew

    I got arrested and put in a cell in Kevin Street. It was fairly dilapidated back then.
    Happily I mended my ways. Mostly.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Hopefully their better at their job now they have a shiny new place to sit in. Worst, laziest garda I’ve ever had to deal with. Literally useless.

  3. Pip

    Now I know why they finally washed the huge metallic GARDA sign outside yesterday.
    It’s been badly neglected since completion, with what looked like spitting (or worse) contests all over it.
    Very poor show – would need daily attention to look its best.

  4. Rois

    The congestion this caused this morning was insane! Nothing moving in any direction around it. If only there had been someone nearby who could have, I don’t know, directed the traffic….

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