The Shareef Don’t Like It


This morning

Guitar legend, university lecturer and Presidential hopeful Jimmy Smyth lays out his stall to quite literally Rock the Aras, with a little help from The Clash.

Basic, if niftily executed, chord changes you can believe in.

Next week: I Shot The Shareef

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6 thoughts on “The Shareef Don’t Like It

  1. Frilly Keane

    t’ be fair
    none of the z- list Dragons can rock a t-shurt like this lad
    Citizen Smyth

    sum’ting else,
    he gets more views than
    so there’s that

    I don’t need an excuse anyway
    Rock The Áras

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I’ve changed my mind – Jimmy Smyth gets my vote not just for being a good sport for engaging in a bit of bants with Ollie but for being able to play the guitar right AND left-handed.
    Reminds me of another cool cat who forgets which way he’s playing – brilliant pianist and accordian player Geraint Watkins.
    Mind you his Christmas Special is the right way round and a stonker.
    Good luck Jimmy.

  3. A Person

    Seriously, the guy is a clown. Lets all put arts and some other articles that you cant explain thereafter.
    Thinks people, other than wasting a vote.

    1. Jimmy Smyth

      Dear A. Person

      Im not a clown. Although I actually DID know a real clown. ‘Bobo’ the Clown. From Fossetts Circus. Such was his fame, that when he died, HUNDREDS of clowns from all over Europe came to his funeral in Glasnevin. No parking problems though, they all came in the one car. Thanks.

      I bent my wookie.

      James P(Jimmy) Smyth

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