Yesterday evening.

At Dublin City Council.

A scheduled vote on a motion from Social Democrat councillor Gary Gannon – to stop the sale of the magdalene laundry site on Sean McDermott Street in Dublin to a Japanese hotel chain – never took place as the council ran out of time.

The motion will be back on the agenda on Thursday, September 13.

A petition in support of the motion has gained more than 10,000 signatures.

It can be signed here.

Vote on Magdalene Laundry sale adjourned by Dublin council (

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6 thoughts on “Out Of Time

    1. scottser

      the city doesn’t need a memorial and a museum. it does need housing for vulnerable families and victims of domestic violence though.

      1. Col

        A memorial could be included, but I don’t think a museum would dray crowds and I don’t know how much upkeep would cost etc.
        Responsible development of housing in a way that respects the history must be possible?

        1. scottser

          Yep, i posted before about respond housing up in drumcondra who built housing on the old laundry site. Of course it can be done sensibly and respectfully.

  1. Jake38

    That €14 million for a derelict site could certainly be used for something useful.

    Such as housing for the homeless.

    But that’s not such a big problem.

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