Ask Not What I Have Done To Your Country


This afternoon.

At the Kennedy Summer School in New Ross, Co Wexford.

EU Commissioner and former Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan delivered a speech touching on the topics of Brexit, populism in the EU, America and US President Donald Trump.

He concluded by quoting the late former US president John F Kennedy, saying:

“Courage — not complacency — is our need today. Leadership — not salesmanship. And the only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead, and lead vigorously.”

Good times.

Mr Hogan’s speech can be read in full here

Pic via Eimear McAuliffe

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6 thoughts on “Ask Not What I Have Done To Your Country

  1. Gabby

    In Leitrim, farmers are demanding that no more sitka spruce trees be planted. The kinds of broadleaved trees they want for Leitrim are to be found in the John F. Kennedy Arboretum. Ask not what Leitrim can do for Coillte, ask what Coillte can do for Leitrim.

  2. Otis Blue

    To borrow slightly from a quote by another Fitzgerald, Big Phil is living evidence that there is in fact a second act in Irish lives.

  3. Giggidygoo

    And then off to meet another visitor to Ireland today. Which lucky location will host them this time?

  4. :-Joe

    Another establishment “circle-jerk”… to paraphrase from another american orafice ….

    Kennedy almost brought about the destruction of the planet at the bay of pigs… he got elected because his father was a corrupt gangster.. nevermind ted, onassis camelot and all the rest in you delusional american-oirish fantasy soap opera.

    Oh, but he was powerful and had oirish roots… pfff… give me a break…

    If this what your leaders, the people you vote for aspire to being and are quoting this rubbish at every opportunity, every year in memmorandum for a highly flawed foreign president then you are deluded and bringing everyone else down around you.

    It’s more atypical, unoriginal, uninspiring, repetetive, lazy ff/fg + neo-lab establishment nonsense….

    We don’t need any more of this crap, we need leadership and vision from ordinary, honest, decent, hard working local independent candidates and representatives who are accountable to you, me and the public’s best interest.

    If you’re going to let yourself be wilfully corrupted, at least make it an original excuse…


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