Freedom Come All Ye


This afternoon.

Bonnington Hotel, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9.

Scenes from the launch of the Irexit Freedom Party led by  County Derry-born former Nigel Farage aide Hermann Kelly.

The draft political programme for the party states that “an exit from the EU would permit the Irish people to take back control” of citizenship, currency, immigration, sea-fisheries and trade, among other things.

Its programme also pledges support for a “reunited and independent Ireland under the control of the Irish people and not that of either London or Brussels”.

Among the party’s secondary objectives are opposing the “political / media hegemony”, “protection of the Irish language” and as a “patriotic party” it is “pro-nationalist and supportive of stable families for procreation”.

From top: Irexit Freedom Party leader Hermann Kelly; from left: Mr Kelly, Kate Lawlor and Ray Basset; Raymond and Amanda Gallagher; Ray Kinsella; audience members; Paddy Manning; Ms Lawlor and Mr Kelly.

‘Irexit’ group seeking to register as political party (RTÉ)


79 thoughts on “Freedom Come All Ye

  1. Kolmo

    This. This can fupp right off.
    Brexit was an opportunistic con by shady backroom types to short the markets and coin it. All this slurry-talk of sovereignty, fisheries and freedom is nothing but soundbites for fockwits to repeat daaahn the pab, meaningless nonsense to hide a canalised stream of small-horizon xenophobia. Dangerous people abusing democracy and the easily swayed ignorance of a sizable chunk of the populous, they want to pull us down into the abyss with GB – they don’t give 1 excreta about Ireland.

    1. Dub Spot

      It if’s September 33 A.D., yes.

      Otherwise, only if the nurse has hidden the shoes you were admitted in.

  2. manolo

    Iona “Institute” meets Renua and UKIP, they all do the hanky panky and, presto, the Irexit Party is born. Lovely, we needed something to laugh about.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    Rise up off your knees servile Irish folk.
    Become the independent nation you fought so long and hard to achieve.
    Above all get some pride back in your life and stop living a miserable existence dependant on the crumbs swept of Angela Merkel’s table.
    The whole fabric of Europe is changing before your eyes thanks to the EU’s disastrous open door immigration policy.
    The fascist AfD is on the march in Germany with Merkel a busted flush,Salvini is re-energising Italy,Macron has lower approval ratings than Trump and Eastern Europe is rebelling against the whole European project.
    Time to grow a set of cojones,sheeple.

    1. ReproButina

      Embrace food shortages! Embrace being locked out of free trade with 26 other countries! Embrace losing the freedom to travel, live and work on continental Europe! Embrace life without farm subsidies and EU grants! Embrace poverty! Embrace stupidity! Embrace Irexit!

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        67.5 billion reasons why you’re talking out of your hole.
        You’re being bent over backwards and rogered sideways.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          “bent over backwards” yet “rogered sideways”

          friday night/saturday night memories conflation, charger

          what was your favourite, chubby toryboy?

          1. Brother Barnabas

            i was only referencing charger and his obsession with gay sex

            some things never really leave the english public schoolboy, it seems

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Yet no-one actually tries to argue against my proposition that the EU is dying on its feet.
            It’s just the usual procession of nodding dogs in the back window of the car in front saying Europe will look after us because we did exactly as they told us to for so many years and surely to God they won’t abandon us.
            Listen up chumps.
            Sure they do now because it’s part of the willy-waving negotiations between Barnier and Blighty.
            But come that final agreement next year – you’re going to shafted by an almighty wake-up call.

          3. ReproButina

            Blah, blah agus blah. Europe cares so little about Ireland they’re not willing to move the Sasamach negotiations beyond the border.

          4. Nigel

            Ollie has always really given the impression he has Ireland’s best interests at heart, so it’s easy to be swept along by his impassioned pleas to join the country that literally forgot we existed when planning their self-immolation.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            And exactly what power and influence do they have to make that 2nd referendum happen ?
            I genuinely try to understand your doltish contributions because at least you make an effort but,seriously,I’m struggling to reason why you’re any more intelligent than that oaf called Brother Barnabas.

          2. ReproButina

            The point is they’re calling for one because they see the damage Sasamach is doing and will do. We’ll see what sort of power they have come the election.

            Imagine if you could post without tossing around insults to distract from your weak attempts to make a point.

    2. ReproButina

      Oh wait, Ollie called us sheeple. We’d better destroy our economy and our children’s futures by pulling out of the only union that has been of any benefit to Ireland.

    3. Dub Spot

      Olliie – two words for you – the second being “off”. Judging by your writing style and diction I’d say you’re true blue Mulhuddart, D15.

  4. Ben Redmond

    I look at the odd attire of people in the photos. I look at the standard hotel meeting room chairs. I ask myself if these people will win votes by knocking on doors around the country next year. They might attract crowds to their outdoor meetings (rallies?) if they hire a rock band.

  5. Ron

    fantastic… this will have more support then people like to admit…

    Any minute now all the grey haired dinosaurs on broadsheet who really believe they are the smartest people in the room will be along to lose their minds

    1. ReproButina

      The latest opinion polls show 11% support for Ireland leaving the EU. That’ll drop as Sasmach continues to stumble towards its inevitable disastrous conclusion.

      1. Ron

        yeah sure man. Your triggered, I get that. the best outcome for you is that you continue to support the government into your very old age and hopefully when you get sick you won’t get a bed and probably die. but at least you believed in something even though it was the wrong thing to believe in.

  6. Not on your Nelly Too

    Being European, it’s all we have. Being Irish or being a catholic isn’t very comforting. I want to be more French, or German, or Swedish, or Dutch. I don’t want to be a little islander. No thanks.

    Being a scared conservative isn’t a good state of mind to live in. Look at UKIP, a hive of heart attacks and bigotry. We are better? Probably.

  7. Daisy Chainsaw

    Maddy Panning, Kate Not Bopp anymore and Farage’s bagman… The absolute dregs! A bunch who you just know would offer to give and recieve if Farage demanded servicing.

  8. Dub Spot

    This is a wind-up surely. Seriously?

    It’s like the dancers from the Xmas panto at the Olympia have to audition for Fair City in front of the Tullamore Men’s Shed or something… surreal.

    More please. We need entertainment.

    At last John McGuirk has shown solid judgement by not being in this buffoonery…

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah stop
      Shur’ lay’ve ’em at it

      They’ll have run out’ve money or lost it
      And have fallen out before they get t’ an AGM

      I see you were looking for John McGuirk
      Any sign of Justin Barrett ah’ tall

      1. Otis Blue

        No Peter? No Party.

        We need to take back control of our country, before it’s too late

  9. Martco

    jasus have those gobsheens nothing better to be doing with their time or somebody else’s money?

    that Kate Lawlor wan is special

  10. McVitty

    oh my, the valiant defenders of democracy seek to silence a voice…..ah, who are the fascists again?
    oh, yes..I forgot – you work for the greater good but the other guys don’t – lols

      1. McVitty

        eh, I was talking about the people commenting above. I’m a 20-yr Euroskeptic myself and a firm believer that democracy tends function best when you have Europhiles and Euroskeptics making their cases.

  11. Ron

    drain the swamp. remove Ireland from the EU. Watch the sad grey haired dinosaurs on lose their minds. it’s so predictable

    1. ReproButina

      I love that you’re clinging to “drain the swamp” as your mantra. Even the racist, sexist, isolationist, lying idiot with the understanding of a 5th or 6th grader admitted it was a meaningless thing he was told to say, something he hated for being so hokey, but the brainless masses following him loved it. You may as well just type “baa! baa!”.

  12. Ron

    In years to come when they build the Museum of Idiots, Cian will be a legend at that museum. Children will ask what was wrong with him and we will tell him how citizens like Cian were castigated in the the period 2015-2020

  13. Dub Spot

    Isn’t that the same hotel where the “boxing weigh-in” took place? Since renamed for obvious reasons. Looks like they might need to change the name again…. Asylum.

  14. Dub Spot

    Dontcha love these immigrants from the the UK. They come over here, taking our rightwing, mouthoff, blowhard cause jobs…..

  15. Dub Spot

    You’re new to this, aren’t you?

    You know you can’t actually see the commenters, right? Or can you? Nurse, the screens again!

  16. SOQ

    “an exit from the EU would permit the Irish people to take back control”

    Now would that be before or after the American corps relocate to the remaining EU? Still, the unification angle is interesting as it was never regarded as a right wing thing before. Of course the only way Ireland would survive is to rejoin the UK so maybe that is what they mean by unification? I suppose that is patriotism of sorts, British patriotism.

    supportive of stable families for procreation

    WTF does that even mean?

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