128 thoughts on “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

    1. Leon Down

      “Wayciss” is a politican who keeps his promises and doesn’t give two fupps what the SJW posturing idiots think.

      1. Nigel

        His racist promises, yes. Wouldn’t be much of a racist demagogue if he cared what people who like justice think would he! Hahaha! He would not!

          1. ReproButina

            I believe it’s the sad trumpet noise that some asshat used during an interview when being told about a Hispanic kid with DS being separated from their parents and locked in a cage by the racist idiot’s goons. It’s racist asshat shorthand for not caring about an issue and mocking it at the same time.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      My Senior Infant will be profoundly displeased!
      He was looking forward to kicking DT in the ar$s.

      When I was 7, I remember Charlie Haughey came on the election trail to our rural backwater to shake everyone’s hand.
      Though dared to do so by my older brother, I couldn’t summon the courage to shake the big clepto’s hand, instead hovering about behind him in the crowd.. until, seeing a gap… I poked him in the back and ran off.
      He he

      1. Nullzero

        I’m sure CJH was traumatised.
        I wasn’t aware Trump was going to be lining up for kicks in the arse from 6 year old.

  1. Leon Down

    I bet Dan the Boyle will take the credit.

    Shame all you Soros-Loser-Bots will miss out on a payday though.

    Womp Womp

    1. ReproButina

      Haha! You won’t get to wave your little flag for your racist idiot.

      Troll harder through your tears of bitter disappointment.

        1. ReproButina

          It says a lot that you think people would need to be paid to see the obvious racism in the lying, sexist,
          isolationist idiot’s actions.

          1. ReproButina

            You’re already linked to it through your unbending support for the lying, sexist, racist, isolationist idiot in the White House.

          2. Leon Down


            Ha! Ha! Ha!

            You might as well link to the DNC funded fake news Pee Pee dossier!

            Or Buzzfeed.

            Or CNN.

            Or the New York Times.

            Ha! Ha! Ha!

            Now you’re a lying IDIOT shill!

            Womp Womp !!

          3. ReproButina

            As expected you have no interest in evidence. Wikipedia may be questionable on many things but that page still contains 211 links to sources giving examples, and opinions on those examples, of his racism.

            You don’t care to look because you know it’s true. You’ve always known it’s true and you’re fine with it. Just like Bannon said, “wear the accusations of racism as a badge of honour.”

            What does that say about you culchie? I know what it says to me.

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            Poor Leon’s having a complete meltdown because he won’t get to pee all over Cheeto Hitler as he serves him his big mac!


          5. Leon Down

            You know wikipedia is compromised and you just don’t care.

            Rumours, innuendo, speculation and hearsay.

            You’d be better off quoting a chapter from Omarosa’s book.

            HA! HA!

            No proof of your claim = your claim fails.

            Womp Womp

          6. ReproButina

            LOL. Irony of the conspiracy theorists demanding evidence as they rush to defend their racist hero. None so blind as those who will not see.

          7. Nigel

            ‘live shrieking racism..’

            No his visit has been postponed so if you want live shrieking racism you’ll have to go to the next Irexit meeting.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Did little Donny Drumpf ever find Obama’s “real” birth cert?

        Did he ever post that evidence of “thousands and thousands were cheering” in New Jersey 17 years ago?


        “In a television interview on the day of the attacks, the anchor asked Trump if a building he owned near the World Trade Centre had sustained damage. Here’s how he replied:

        “Forty Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was, actually, before the World Trade Centre, was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Centre it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.”

  2. Frilly Keane

    ah come on

    he mentioned coming over
    and then suddenly
    according to RTE
    Officials for Trump were meeting Officials from here
    and suddenly there were Pope like planning talks

    a round of golf was probably just the height ov’it

    Trump’s interest in Ireland
    Starts n’ stops around his own business interests
    n’ thats about the height ov’it

    although I’d have lapped up and rolled around in the craic t’be had if he did stop by

    1. Toe Up

      He’d probably have gone to Ollie Hayes’s pub in Moneygall and paid someone to pee in Obams’s pint glass.

    2. george

      No, he didn’t just mention it. The Whitehouse issued an official communication saying Trump would be coming and the planning was very limited. They were preparing for him to meeting the Taoiseach and President and that’s it.

      What does lapping up and rolling around in the craic mean in the context of a totalitarian bigot coming to the country?

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Can we still bring the blimp and fly it over Doonbeg for a week? Can we get a replica made with a leprechaun hat and put it in the Patrick’s day parade?

    1. rotide

      I think describing that balloon as a ‘blimp’ is like describing the Spinal Tap Stonhenge set as ‘Monoliths’

    2. Clampers Outside!


      Keep protests out of the parade thanks ffs, and stop fupping trying to politicise everything.

      Jaysus is there any joy to be had without some gimp protesting…

      *eyerolling at the idea*

      1. Nigel

        It’s a rare Patrck’s Day parade that wouldn’t have a political or current affairs float. But yeah lose the Trump balloon.

  4. dhaughton99

    All the poor lads who got their socialist ideals from a Carter USM track are going to be disappointed that they wont be able to sniff the hair of that woke artsy girl they see at college.

  5. Ron

    All the usual idiots on here losing their mind.. who cares whether he is coming or not. And as for all the crap talk about impeachment, just shows how clueless everyone is. Keyboard warriors in Ireland thinking they are the smartest people in the room when it comes to absolutely everything. Trump will not be impeached. Trump will walk another term and trump will do what trump wants to do. The people in the US who actually count say he is doing a good job

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      GRRRR! Me angry trumpanzee who no like that people be mean to Trump! Me throw strop among grownups to show how much me love Trump. Trump trump trump trump trump. GRRR!!!!

      1. Ron

        Your a classic example of the bufoons that keep this current crowd in power. People like you with a vote are the most dangerous challenge this country faces.

        I don’t care about Donald Trump. I don’t care if he visits or not. I’m not one bit interested in what people say about him and I’m certainly not in a strop as you so idiotically suggest… I’m more interested in what the current crowd of filth bags that we call politicians are up to. I’m more interested in solving issues here. I’m not interested in Trump but yet you clowns go on about him like he the most important issue we have. The same way you go on with your boring rehashed groupthink drivel on this site.

        1. ReproButina

          This is post about Trump. Why are you so shocked that people are talking about Trump? No doubt when the post about the Garda PO Unit and the masked goons at the housing occupation goes up people will talk about issues closer to home. We’re allowed have opinions on both you know.

          1. Ron

            your another of the usual groupdrivel brigade on this. Anyone that speaks in support of him is ridiculed. Let’s talk about Trump but if only if you hate him!

          2. jusayinlike

            just don’t mention the revival of the American economy under Trump, or the fact that his economic stimulus package is mainly helping minorities with unemployment at a record low for the last 25 years..

            but hey, boo trump.. wassist shriek..

  6. Ron

    The fact that you all come on here giving out about Trump when you elect a crowd of incompetent dipsos in your own back yard just shows the ridiculousness of your arguments .. that’s why people laugh at the Irish

      1. Ron

        Again you miss the point.. Trump is NOT going to lose both houses in the mid terms. As much as you all hate him he has very strong support amongst voters in the USA . Whatever gains the Democrats may make, the senate is a whole different story. There, Democrats would have to retain almost all their current seats that are being contested — 26, including two held by independent senators who typically vote with them — and seize two or three Republican-held seats. There are only nine of those on the ballot this year, and six are in states Trump won by large margins.

        As much as you hate him, I think the thing that annoys you most is that the people that really count ie the American electorate don’t hate him as much as you and have benefited since he has been elected.

        If only you could take that passion and hatred and point it towards something closer to your own back yard. The current crowd of political dipsos we call politicians. Get angry about them and stop going on like a broken down record with your bottom of the barrel drivel about a topic you think makes you sound in intelligent but in reality all it does is make people laugh at you and ridicule you behind your back

        Where is your dignity. Take it back for God’s sake and get a life.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          While I agree with a lot of that, it’s not just in Ireland…

          Have you seen TheGuardian claim that “Trump cancels Ireland trip after groups announce planned protests” LOL

          (via Dhaughton99 below)

        2. johnny

          Ron- internal GOP poll numbers in key battleground districts show Trump down 10 points since June (AP) !

          Dems need net gain of 23 seats to take control of the house-40 are competitive with most polls/pundits conceding that the Dems will take it.


          Senate-front page WaPo tomorrow !

          Senate 51:49
          “Republicans have grown increasingly worried about losing control of the Senate, as President Trump’s approval rating tumbles and Democrats gain steam in key battleground races.”

          “Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia and Florida. All of them too close to call, and every one of them like a knife fight in an alley; I mean, just a brawl in every one of those places,” McConnell told reporters in Louisville.”


          1. Ron

            Your another of the group drivel clowns on this site spouting your muck. How sad you are that it bothers you so much that not all Americans hate trump the way you do. yet you try and fail miserably to ridicule people that don’t hate him all whilst supporting the biggest political dipsos our country has ever seen in Leinster House.

            Where’s your dignity?

          2. Nigel

            You seem to have a really hard time with the fact that people dislike Trump. You just can’t seem to handle it at all. I rarely see anyone who dislikes Trump rage the way you do at people who dislike him. Maybe spare some of that energy and rage for problems closer at home? Or not! Imagine presuming to tell other people what they you think they are or should be doing with their time and energy! The nerve!

    1. Nigel

      Are you kidding? Between Brexit and Trump, our shower are looking like serious statesmen by comparison, dangerously undermining our sense of inferiority. It’s unfogriveable.


    At a time we need all the friends we can get post brexit
    Very disturbing in reality
    To be honest his time is better spent meeting our masters and this I assume will be over lunch at the WW1 events
    Sort of shows how important our leaders are in the scheme of things and where we will stand as the little irrelevant island off Europe

    1. Freedom

      You’re the living embodiment of irrelevance

      Maybe we have finally found a subject you can appear to be competent in ?

    2. ReproButina

      We’ve got 26 solid friends watching our backs during the Sasamach fiasco. Trump’s trying to win companies back to the US from Ireland and discredit the WTO. He’s no friend of ours or of the UKs.

  8. Frilly Keane

    How the shagging jaysus did this hape of a thread get to 90 odd comments

    Did it go off on one somewhere
    Nidgie n Clamps
    Memes carry-on

    Did I miss out on sum’ting?

  9. MultinationalWorker

    There are many more countries with higher levels of educational attainment, English speakers, youth, functioning governance, fruitful families, lower taxes, better infrastructure and aligned culture. Not to mention loyalty and appreciation through the tough times as well as the bad times.

    The Oirish Toimes/Irish academia/RTE/Mick D/socialist emerald tinted narrative is pathetic, empty, indulgent and cowardly. A pathetic nation with a pathetic history and nothing to offer the world but the export of high quality labour and dreamers.

    The posin’ with the aul hurley days sure everyone loves us/peace dividend days are over. Trump is backing the UK – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Dublin has found itself increasingly isolated. A clown with silly socks at the wheel with the diplomacy of a lemon and now relying on EU funny money to keep flowing. Lol.

    1. SOQ

      Why do you need to keep changing your name like this? Is it to pretend your views are more popular than they are?

  10. Miggeldy

    Sure you’ve been here all along in your other usual guises. Nice try at trying to bring memes into it again though – and 7 /10 for your English language skills, not so hard is it?

  11. dylad

    I preferred Broadsheet back in 2010, when Trump was just a miasma on US TV and before the majority of you lot wondered over from the Journal.ie

      1. Ron

        The only thing your annoyed about is that you consistently get called out here for being the clown that you are. Inform your own opinion and stop following the group drivel thinking from clowns that you secretly aspire to be like. very sad

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