Straying Tonight?


Is Monogamy Dead?’

A one-hour documentary presented by Vogue Williams.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

In tonight’s episode as Vogue embarks on her second marriage and with a new baby on the way, she takes a look at how relationships and the concept of monogamy have changed over the last number of decades. Tonight Vogue meets polyamorous couple Kevin and Evita (above)…

Is it?

Only YOU can decide.

*looks up ‘polyamorous’*

Is Monogamy Dead? at 9.30pm on RTÉ2

47 thoughts on “Straying Tonight?

    1. kellMA

      I think Vogue’s husband would be partial to a bit of polyamory (polyamour?) himself. From the bits, I know of MIC he is a bit of a lothario…

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Too many people make promises they can’t keep is all.
      Or without actually asking why they are doing it in the first place ? To fit in ? To tick a box for society ?

          1. Papi

            Hands up who thinks the couple asked Vogue to tickle their boxes after the show?
            (I have my hand up)
            Hand up? Not entirely. fnar fnar

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      RTE are bound by equality laws to employ a certain % of people who know people that are already employed by RTE.
      Knowing people in the organisation is also important in case you accidentally express totalitarian views in your Column (such as internment for muslims).

    2. ____

      Y’know, I’ve watched a couple of her documentaries and she’s surprisingly good at it.
      It’s kind of like people find her vapidness disarming, so they get comfortable and let out more than you think they might otherwise.

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    hookers, escorts etc. are all okay if you’re in a relationship. It’s actually quite healthy for your relationship. Except if you are one of the very rare couples who actually genuinely do love each other, like proper real love.

    1. Papi

      I’m envisioning the slap around the head I’m going to get for just reading that sentence. And, yes, she will know I read it. Don’t ask me how, but she already knows.

  2. scottser

    ah here BS ye were tromboning yesterday and now ye’re all polyamorous today. it’s a good clip across the ear and a decade of the rosary ye want.
    and change them fekn sheets..

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        If I was a dog I’d be sitting in the corner licking my unmentionables and I’d have no need for anyone :)

  3. diddy

    Wait a minute !!… my female friends tell me i have a healthy appetite for new women because i simply havent met the right one… oh okay… let me meet her so this lifelong suffering can end and i can enjoy me monognomy in peace!!! ahhhh!!!

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