26 thoughts on “First Hole Problems

  1. edalicious

    Women have only relatively recently been allowed to join some golf clubs and, I believe, there are limited times and only certain competitions for them to play so charging them full fees would obviously be pretty stingy.

    1. Shankillfalls

      What if I have the right equipment in my trousers but I identify as a woman? Which green fees do I pay?

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        What’s in mine would probably qualify me for a rebate and a 5 minute slot on Embarrassing Bodies.

    2. Dhod

      I like golf, I enjoy playing the odd game and I watch the majors and Ryder cup but I detest the majority golf clubs.
      There’s so much nonsense and snotiness. As a kid I got a dressing down for not addressing the Captain as Captain. Royal Dublin (and possibly portmarnock) still does not allow women. Think about that. Doesn’t allow women. Despite all their high flutin rubbish, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a group of drunk golf men on a ‘golf trip’ you’ll realise very few of them have the substance to back up their notions

      1. GahBlahBlah

        I agree completely with what you have to say about the golf crowd and I’m sorry, but I just had to do this: Highfalutin (wiktionary[dot]org/wiki/highfalutin)

    3. thyme

      Quite a bargain
      Look at the scenery no gardening gated community and safe
      Great golf club as well
      When you look at the whole package you see apartment finished to really high standard and constant security
      Absolutely perfect for a retired couple who worked in the public sector

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They’re annual payments. At least they’re upfront about it and it’s not a “oh, by the way” after you’ve signed the papers.

  2. dhaughton99

    but you’d be living in the same estate as that Yo! Mc Gregor and then have to put up with his and his boys antics? No thanks

      1. SOQ

        The best cook in Ireland could knock up something tasty on an open fire for under €10 for a family of four. Even vegan?



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