Land Of Constant Sorrow


Oh Border, Where Art Thou.

By Keith Phelan & Billy Kemp

Keith writes:

This video composed from 17,117 satellite images traces the path of the 499km Irish (and soon to be UK/EU) border….

5 thoughts on “Land Of Constant Sorrow

      1. Keith

        Hey Clampers,
        No that’s the full land border, the bit of the sea (border) was added for an intro.
        The land border starts at ~ 9 second and runs right to the end, the last frame is where it meets the sea again !

  1. Kolmo

    That border will soon to be a thing of the past, thanks to the DUP allowing themselves to be bribed (£430,000) into pushing for a Brexit that goes against any rational economic sense to keep the shadowiest of tory types in power thus making the case of an all Ireland unit within the world’s largest trading block (EU) more inevitable by the day, true patriots.

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