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  1. Cú Chulainn

    I’ve been traveling a lot recently so have only been able to offer words of wisdom on the fly.. this Garda thing: who benefits, not poor fupping Drew. That’s for sure. The dark heart of the force perhaps ? A show of strength ? A warning shot across the bow ? A subservient media who refuse to ask any question, let alone the right one. A reminder. And yet, I found myself in Sheriff St tonight, and no money would get me to do what those Garda were prepared to do. Putting themselves on the line.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I hit send early: put themselves on the line in clear danger.. the point being that the vast majority of us have nothing but (relatively) good experiences with the girls in blue. But that is not to say that there isn’t a big black problem.. but, you and I, are never likely to find out.

    2. Shayna

      Dia duit A Chúi – I hear your travelling thing – great! Na Gardaí etc… Eventually, you have to come back?

      1. Shayna

        Dia duit A Chúi – I hear your travelling thing – great! Na Gardaí etc… Eventually, you have to come back?
        Or, not!

    3. Dub Spot

      They volunteered. It’s not a conscription, This “I was intimidated on Facebook (whatever about my personal data being in the Kremlin) because I wasn’t allowed wear a Provo balaclava” is the new “Army Deafness” scam. Watch the courts for action and settlements. Your money being paid out.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        The poor fupper knew he was in the direct line of sight of three different buildings.. each controlled by a different gang and each with the ability to proper fupp him and his team up at a moments notice.. do I have to spell this out

        1. SOQ

          Yes that is a fair point. The guards have to deal with all sorts of dangerous wildlife that the rest of us don’t even know exist but those gangs already know who is who and attending a political housing protest wasn’t really going to make any real difference.

          Arriving in such attire set the tone and it could be argued that their stance was provocative rather than appearing to be keepers of the peace. The standard garda uniform still holds a lot of respect with the general public and I am pretty certain that some of the those who are involved in community relations were looking on in despair.

          1. ReproButina

            The first gardaí on the scene were community gardaí. The PO unit came in later, something I was unaware of, so what happened that led to them being called in?

          2. Cian

            If this is true, then the Gardaí arrived after lads started the eviction?

            So they didn’t see them driving up in the ‘illegal’ van.

          3. ReproButina

            No Cian, the community gardaí were sent to keep the protestors back form the masked lads with the dodgy van. As I understand it, they arrived together.

    4. Andy Moore

      Bullpoo article in Indo ! 2 incomes of €35’000 means that they never paid tax & now pay the USC & some tax ?? What kind of spin & what do they think we are ??

  2. Shayna

    [The Black/Mexican/Protestant/South of the Border comments were made in a joking vein – I didn’t want to offend] Also, I’ve never been to Albuqueque.

    1. Shayna

      Yikes! No, today I’ll be mostly travelling to Malta. Of course, Valletta is most famous for Ollie Reid drinking himself to death in a bar there, whilst forgetting that he hadn’t finished his scenes in ‘Gladiator’. Anyhoos, I don’t plan an “Ollie”, more of a “Shayna”.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    The Irish World finally wakes up to the fact the Common Travel Area,first agreed in 1923,pre-dates the EU and is not going anywhere.
    In other news,Mr Hitler becomes the new German chancellor and Edmund Hillary conquers Everest.

    1. dav

      only applies to irish passport holders, so the polish truck driver, working for an irish company delivering to the north or to the Uk will be stopped and searched and will probably need to provide a visa because of “take back our borders” brexit..

      1. jon

        Its always been the case pre EU that the Irish have this special arrangement with the UK
        As for the border
        In all reality are we that deluded that we think that the British or any other nation would permit a border segregating parts of their nation?
        Time those who do go and see a doctor to evaluate their mental health
        Is the reality of brexit finally dawning on us and we demand our leadership finally look after Ireland’s interests firstly and ensure that a special grant is paid to our country to ensure any recession is not going to destroy our economy, and tell us this is in place

      2. Ollie Cromwell

        Welcome to having control of your borders.
        It’s only what most countries on this planet do.
        It’s like all the ” undocumented ” Irish living in the US.They’re not undocumented, they’re illegal immigrants.

        1. jon

          Its like talking to a brick wall
          Maybe they are all working for Leo’s SCUnit
          Sad thing is the clock is ticking and our leadership are like lemmings
          There is Bertie and his sasamach
          They actually think that the EU can claim northern Ireland and keep it in the EU and the UK allows that

  4. ReproButina

    As the dust settles on yesterday’s headlines we see that the Sasamachs had the wrong end of the stick as usual. The technological solution the EU were willing to discuss has nothing to do with goods crossing from NI into the EU but was about goods going from GB to NI in the event of the agreed backstop where NI remains in the Customs Union.

    We can expect more misleading headlines as we get closer to the Conservative party conference but the backstop hasn’t changed and the EU 27 is still firmly and unanimously against a hard border on the island of Ireland.

    1. jon

      Deluded to the last
      The north of Ireland is part of the UK ot Europe and only can be either handed over by the British or invaded and taken by force
      The UK voted out and that means all of the UK including Northern Ireland
      Ever look at your passport and see that you are I presume an Irishman who has the legal protection of the state
      The subjects of northern Ireland are British
      Some have dual nationality
      The British will not hand over northern Ireland no matter how much wishful thinking you have and law is the law it is black and white
      The British constitution which is not exactly a constitution more of a monarchy has certain laws dating back hundreds of years that can only be changed by parliament plus the queens consent
      So if a border cannot be just moved to accommodate the wishes of the EU or Ireland
      Its that simple and all laws and agreements must comply with British and EU laws
      But as usual we will not be told the reality of such ideas which are pie in the sky
      This is why the GFA is under threat and by various subversives terrorist groups that were very active pre GFA

      1. jon

        Oh Bertie
        Just to bring a rather sobering thought to you
        Check our constitution
        The president of Ireland is supreme leader of the Irish armed forces but under an act in 1954 little Leo or future teashocks manage and controls the forces
        Now if for an example Sinn feinn wins the presidential election just imagine if the GFA fails and Sinn feinn go back to their old ways
        Imagine our defence forces especially after giving their oath to the president their supreme leader
        And as brexit is going on we must be prudent regarding who we elect as president

        1. ReproButina

          You post that garbage and have the gall to call me deluded.

          The UK has already signed up to having a customs border in the Irish Sea. That’s what the back stop is.

          Nobody is asking the UK to “hand over” NI to anyone even though, under the GFA, they’ve already signed an international deal which lays out the process for them doing just that.

          1. jon

            All I have posted Bertie and over the past year deleted by broadsheet and this post will be also deleted and I will be banned again has mirrored exactly what has happened so far
            Check our constitution and imagine a Sinn feinn president as supreme leader of our armed forces
            The GFA is under threat and as the atmosphere gets nastier and nastier between the EU and UK
            Remember deals must be passed in the various houses in the UK and that includes political representatives who vote for passing of laws and treaties
            Now Sinn feinn refuse to take up their seats in the UK parliament and cannot vote then I assume the queen has to sign it into law
            As for stormont
            We see the childish behaviour there

          2. ReproButina

            Just to be clear, you are suggesting that a Sinn Féin president would order the defence forces to war with the UK over NI in the event of Sasamach?

          3. jon

            No Bertie return to violence this time with the president of Ireland with Sinn feinn loyalty
            With the power of supreme leader of the armed forces
            And the oaths of Allegheny by the armed forces
            Is it the state or president

          4. ReproButina

            Ah right. So you’re saying that Sasamach will result in the IRA returning to violence and a SF president will order the defence forces to line up beside them and drive the Brits out of Northern Ireland?

  5. Listrade

    Good times. Remember when the news was about how the Gardai who recorded Dara Quigley wouldn’t be prosecuted and suddenly we became legal experts to explain why recording someone in public isn’t a criminal offence? Remember when there was a headline at how TDs were furious with Whatsapp for allowing the guard to post the footage?

    This has been on the cards since the footage proved the Gardai were lying during the water protests. And the media rallied behind them then too. It wasn’t the lies that was the problem in the acquittals, it was those Marxist thugs shouting peaceful protest while actually being peaceful who recorded Gardai moving in to be back up security for private businesses.

    I don’t care if its someone breaking into my house, they should be allowed to record the gardai if they want. The fact that the protesters were committing a criminal offence does not mean that their entire civil rights are withdrawn and the state can use whatever measure it wants to enforce court orders.

    Be careful what you wish for while jumping on the contrarian bandwagon.

    1. Cian

      Listrade, I totally agree with you that the public should be able to record the Gardaí (in public).

      The fact that the protesters were committing a criminal offence does not mean that their entire civil rights are withdrawn and the state can use whatever measure it wants to enforce court orders.
      When did the state use whatever measures to enforce a court order? There was a private firm enforcing the court order. The Gardaí were there to ensure no laws were broken (on either side)

      Secondly, an aggressive crowd of people shouting “peaceful protest” and jostling Gardaí is not, by definition, peaceful. They may not be violent – but they aren’t peaceful.

      1. Martco

        yeah. both sides my ope.
        where’s the van & what’s being done about that?
        what about that young lad they assaulted & what’s being done about that?

      2. Giggidygoo

        There’s no proof that it was a private firm. That, for the moment, is a rumour. I also heard the rumour that the thugs in the Thugmobile were actually Gardai, and that the Thugmobile is being stored in a Garda compound. Hence there’s no reports of it been seen before or after the thug fest.

        1. Martco

          see the reason I could buy into this as an explanation is that there hasn’t been a mention of it either being investigated or otherwise

          misdirection of obi wan proportions

        2. Cian

          everything is “rumour” – I heard[1] that the masked men were actually FG Ministers (and Shane Ross too) looking to get the boot into some protesters – hence the masks!

          But it’s just a rumour – so you can’t believe it.

          [1] I made this up for comic effect.

          1. Giggidygoo

            Yet you come out with clangers time after time, are called out, and then you revert to the ‘i was joking’, ‘i made that comment to get at another poster’, or some other deflection.

            As pointed out and proven to you yesterday, Cian, you are a liar, a deflector and a FG apologist, and now I add a ‘coward’ to the list.

            How’s the FG broadband tendering process developing? Did anyone we know get a part of the action? Actavo (formerly Siteserv) perhaps? Or no ‘perhaps’ about it)

      3. jon

        You do not get it
        When the state brings in new laws to censure and police dissent its dangerous
        Just read Germany’s history 1930s to 1945
        All laws weakened the rights and all it took was Hitler to ensure the road was clear to do exactly what he wanted
        We do not want to live either in a police state or a north Korean state
        If the police cannot act within present law then perhaps look at the management structure
        And an old saying is a bad workman blames his tools
        If we weaken our civil rights we are going down a pretty dark road
        Ad for angry crowd
        The fact our homeless problem is so bad would make a saint livid
        The actions sanctioned by the new commissioner reminds me of the tactics used in the height of the 1960s northern Ireland police response and god forgive me like the B Specials not garda

      4. Listrade

        Come on Cian, by definition of peaceful protest (as in Non-violent protest), it is peaceful. By virtue of not being violent, they are engaging in a peaceful protest. It doesn’t matter what they shout or at what volume they shout it at. It’s a protest, you can throw out an f-bomb and express dissatisfaction with the state.

    2. Frilly Keane

      thanks Listrade

      its pick n’ mix policing
      as if we haven’ we’ve had enough ah’ that aready

      one thing that struck me tho,
      one ah the TBTC lads in the building
      was on the (BS) Telly last week
      and he detailed out the breaking through of the door
      and his coming down the stairs with this hands opened out
      peacefully and compliantly is what I thought
      and he described been met by a lad in the bomber jacket & balaclava rig out
      carrying a sledge hammer

      why didn’t the Guards protect that lad against a masked man with a sledge hammer

      a púcing sledge hammer!
      and now
      Andrew, in all fairness to him
      was no corner back
      if ye know wha’ I mean

      1. Cian

        He got the “please can you leave, or we’ll kick you out” warning (AKA Court Order).

        These were the “kick you out” people.

        And it is normal to carry a sledge hammer to knock down a door, and I’m glad he didn’t put it would – because *that* would be negligent.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Yeah yeah yeah

          But no

          The Gardai should not have allowed anyone be put at risk
          And they did
          Because they should have gone in first once the Sledgehammer Gang achieved access

  6. Topsy

    SOQ. Correct, most individual gardai are respected by Joe Public. However the attire worn at that eviction of the type we see worn by police forces in Eastern Europe and South American cities when the hand of “law and order” is knocking seven shades of poo out of legitimate protesters.

    1. Rob_G

      Gardaí were criticised for wearing balaclavas – they said it was to protect their identities. And, lo and behold, when one the Gardaí’s personal details were discovered, and posted in several places online, including with FB pages linked in to the INLA, threats were made against the Gardaí, including by at least on individual with a history of violence.

      The reaction in the aftermath of the eviction would indicate the the Gardaí’s caution was justified, IMO.

        1. Rob_G

          Well, I hope that there are no untaxed vans on the road; I hope that someone has reported the van to Gardaí and Gardaí will act on it.

          (I presume that the van is not owned by Gardaí, who do not have to display tax discs on their vehicles).

          1. SOQ

            There is no way the van could be taxed if it was not imported. It is still illegal to drive it on Irish public roads without an MOT certificate.

            The guards are being somewhat disingenuous by talking about tax when it is the road worthiness and insurance which is the issue.

          2. Martco

            grand so I’ll tick those boxes for you & sure I’ll do the same for @Cian too

            the only surprise for me in your reply is that you replied at all

          3. Rob_G

            @Martco – well, I don’t unequivocally support the Gardaí in everything that they do, but as a general rule I would have a degree in confidence in their judgement in things like the number of Gardaí they assign to a situation, and their decision to protect their identities, etc.

          4. Cian

            @Martco. Yes – but it appears that the Gardaí arrived to the scene after the evictors. So they wouldn’t have observed the van driving prior to the eviction.

            After the event? I dunno – perhaps they were distracted by protesters as the van left?

            But I hope the Gardaí now find the van and owner and put one (or other) off the road (if it is, illegal).

      1. f_lawless

        so by your logic this should become standard practice – where ever there’s a potential that online trolls might write nasty things about the Gardai, it would necessitate the wearing of balaclavas?

        1. Rob_G

          If I worked in a job and people linked to dissidents were making comments that I needed ‘a bullet in the head’, I would also take steps to obscure my identity, as I am sure you would, too.

      2. jon

        Do not hold with that argument
        In this country people face intimidation every day
        The gardai are no different
        Social media is a tool and social media needs controls
        Like all aspects of media
        Maybe allowing people to sue the providers of social media or the companies operating these groups like face book

    2. jon

      Totally correct
      The police can only succeed with the support of the general public and that is from respect
      If this is the solution for policing proposed by drew Harris he needs to go
      Partly our problem is with the justice system and the inability of the establishment to tackle the main problem
      Gangs be them subversive or otherwise
      We cannot have a police state
      I suggest the army being used as armed response units and the main target the criminal gangs that has reduced certain parts of our cities into war zones
      The housing crises could be solved overnight by instead of selling off property to vulture funds for discounted prices but to the councils at reduced prices paid for by taking them in lou by government as repayment of debt owed from the bust
      This would take the pressure off building new social housing

  7. Giggidygoo

    The FG farmers are revolting now. Well, what would you expect once Kenny endowed thieves that carry out assaults on them with ethnic status.

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