Passing The Baton


Masked gardai assist the removal of protestors from North Frederick Street

Following on from Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan telling Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One yesterday morning that he would support legislation to outlaw photographing on-duty gardai

Aidan O’Brien, who filmed a Reclaim The Streets protest in Dublin in 2002, recalls…

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45 thoughts on “Passing The Baton

  1. Col

    I really feel Eoghan Murphy must be delighted.
    No one is talking about the housing crisis. Nobody is talking about properties being left to crumble.
    Everyone is focused on the Gardai. Phew!

  2. Giggidygoo

    And nothing has changed. We have Rotide and Cian of the AA (Apologists Anonymous) continuing that FG Blueshirt time honoured tradition of lies and deflection. Have a good look lads.

    1. phil

      Giggidy , I think you are being a bit unfair to Cian and Rotide , I don’t think they are particularly into FG, if FF were in power or National Socialists for that matter , they would be coming out to bat for them too.

      1. Nigel

        Of course he’s being unfair to them, because that’s how it’s done when you;re more interested in political scorched earth attacks than in either getting to the truth or achieving solutions rather than leveraging populist rage and weaponising cynicism. Anyone who genuinely cared would welcome the kind of questions Cian and rotide bring rather than treat them as a threat.

    2. Cian

      Can you show me where I have lied? All my comments are still available.

      Regarding this specific topic – in the last few days I have twice posted on BS that we should have the right to film Gardaí .

      And if you can’t provide evidence of lies – I would like an apology.

      1. phil

        @Cian, I agree, I saw you say that , it annoyed me because, I had you fairly pigeonholed and now I have to re-evaluate … However TBF you were in a different pigeonhole to Rotide ….

      2. Giggidygoo

        Just yesterday you told us that the security company couldn’t be identified because of data protection. Untrue.
        I note you didn’t address the ‘deflection’ part of what I said, nor the apologists part. When you started posting here, you tried all of the above, played dumb as regards being able to find out information when called out, yet were able to copy and paste links good-oh when it suited.

        1. Cian

          What I said was:
          @BS “No one knows if these lads were from a company, who they were, where they were from, if they were from outside the state. “
          […] The owner can contract whoever s/he likes to do this. And is under no obligation to tell you who they hired. In fact, under data protection they can’t tell you who these people are.

          And this is correct. Under data protection you can’t provide details on who the people are.

          Any other ‘lies’?

          1. Giggidygoo

            Thanks for proving my deflection point.
            You’ve also stated that “When* Apple lose. The other EU countries *will* be in to take their fair share of the tax. Ireland hasn’t bought enough iPhones for Apple to make 17billion. This is profits from across the EU. So we *will* get 3% of the 17billion – max.”
            Granted, that was another of your back of the envelope musings, but a lie nevertheless.

          2. Giggidygoo

            Remember this one?
            September 12, 2018 at 11:03 am
            “peaceful protest”?
            The filth were illegally occupying property that wasn’t theirs.
            The filth had been asked to leave.
            The filth were then told to leave.
            The filth refused, and are totally responsible for this reaction’

            You were called out on it and had to correct your lie (that they were ‘filth’) by writing

            ‘My unreserved apologies to the occupiers. I don’t think they are filth, and I shouldn’t have used that term.’

            (yet you made sure to type the words ‘the filth’ at the beginning of each sentence)

          3. Cian

            Your first post there about apple is funny. Here is a link for you

            My original post was cautionary – I said If Apple lose. That 17bn will be snapped up by the other EU countries. Ireland might get to keep 350million.

            *you* followed up saying @Cian. the usual eh? ‘If’s’, and then the once choice line. And of course, don’t forget the ‘might’.

            So I changed the IF to a WHEN specifically for you.

            Okay (if this make you feel better).

            *When* Apple lose. The other EU countries *will* be in to take their fair share of the tax. Ireland hasn’t bought enough iPhones for Apple to make 17billion. This is profits from across the EU. So we *will* get 3% of the 17billion – max.

            Is that better?

            and now you’re saying that I lied.

          4. Cian

            I have already dealt with the ‘filth’ post.
            It wasn’t a lie, it was a (badly executed) dig at another poster.

            any more lies? Oh, and try to keep them in context.

            … or do I get my apology now?

          5. Giggidygoo

            @Cian. Your Apple 3% is a makey uppy figure of course. Which is a lie (isn’t it?). Glad you can see the funny side of your own posts. Your first one with the ‘ifs and mights’ was another attempt at deflection, and I called you out. (I still see you haven’t addressed that part of my post, or the apologist part)

            You ‘dealt’ with the ‘filth’ post in usual FG fashion. Trying to deflect (and that word appears yet again) attention from your opinions by saying you were having a dig at another poster doesn’t cut it. You see, you are the one who wrote the post, and drove your views home by repeating the word ‘filth’ to describe the occupiers time after time.

            Yep Cian, you are a liar. You deflect. You’re a FG apologist. You haven’t proved otherwise.

          6. Cian

            Sigh. yes – when I said “If Apple lose. That 17bn will be snapped up by the other EU countries. Ireland might get to keep 350million.” I was making up the 350 million. But notice the words “If” and “might”.

            If you look at the Irish population as a % of EU (1%); or Irish GDP as % of EU (1.5%) that 350m is my estimate of how much of the total Apple profit was generated in Ireland (and would be fair to keep in Ireland).

    3. rotide

      Sorry, I can’t repy to this at the moment. My employers at the FFG Internet Shill HQ have taken up a lot of my time today.

      You really have no idea how taxing it is posting consistent opinions for years with an unchanged username.

      You should try it some time

  3. SOQ

    This reminds me of the solicitor who stood outside after the rape trail in Belfast stating there would be no more comments on social media.

    EVERYONE has phones with cameras and are connected online nowadays and it is not hard to conceal your identity. Passing a silly law like this will guarantee cameras will be used twice as often.

    1. bisted

      …I think Charlie Flanagan knows this but his real objective is that these videos will not be acceptable in court as evidence…

      1. SOQ

        Maybe but the average guard will get so pee’ed off with having a phone permanently stuck in their gob, they will hang him themselves. They can’t arrest everyone after all.

  4. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    I wonder has Dr. Rob O’Cop had a genuine Pauline Conversion after having been heaped with all that opprobrium? or has he used the mandatory sensitivity training the guards must have made him go on (after the 2002 rampage) to cynically advance his career?

  5. Papi

    Nobody has mentioned that ethics is a two way street, this person could be teaching recruits how to have none, or at the very least, how to ignore them while cranially destroying somebody.

  6. anne

    Scumbags in that video. Utter scumbags. Thank god for social media.

    Battering people indiscriminately screaming “get off the road”.

    Thank god they’ve hired The Communications Clinic to help with their image since…

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