25 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. ReproButina

    See david? I told you to watch out for Sasamachs playing down the customs checks in the Irish Sea and the British Taoiseach is doing just that.

    1. jon

      Bertie Bertie bertie
      The only thing may is answerable to is the British people
      As for articles like
      May has to face EU music at dinner with EU leaders
      She is not answerable to them
      So what music ?
      Check out the other headlines
      Her proposal includes a physical border between north and south not a border on the sea
      Now how that’s going to be patrolled monitored taxed immigrant control that is another subject
      Hard border soft border on that will depend on what Britain accepts and what its MPs accept
      Talking about that
      Maybe time Sinn feinn get off their fat bottoms and take up their seats so Ireland has a voice
      Tick tock bertie

      1. bisted

        …Gullian is where Cu Chullain was reared…in loyalist East Belfast there is a mural commemorating this hero who defended Ulster against the marauding Irish…

  2. Rachel

    Why didn’t they winch the caravan out of the water yesterday. They just left it to break up and all manner of personal effects could be there.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      You don’t think ” they ” might have had more important things to deal with yesterday than organising a very large mobile crane to go to a remote rural location to pick up the remnants of a wrecked caravan ?

  3. :-Joe

    Constant stream of poo….

    Perpetual dumbing down of it’s unfortunate readers…
    – (whover the hell they are)
    Incessant fear mongering….
    Zero journalistic integrity…….`



      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Plus some of Britain’s best reporters and feature writers,the most popular news website in the world and its finger on the clitoris of middle England(it’s the only UK newspaper with more female than male readers ).
        Great campaigning newspaper too – naming the five men behind the murder of Stephen Lawrence and its environmental campaigns are two that spring to mind.
        The Daily Mail as a newspaper business model is unsurpassed.

    1. scottser

      I thought you’d be glad to hear ryanair’s expansion plans tbh. And he is probably right that may will be gone after securing an extension to the march deadline – it’s about as much as she’s capable of.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        I’m all in favour of expansion.Ryanair is a great airline and O’Leary one of Ireland’s greatest businessmen.
        He just talks bollocks about Brexit and numpties on here believe him.

  4. Frilly Keane

    That’s a pity about Orla Kiely
    Int’ it

    I know her stuff was all a bit too samie
    And probably not refreshed enough with the Fashion Seasons
    But still
    T’was a great brand all the same

    She had a fabulous navy patent leather handbag out there a while back
    That if I could get me hands on still
    I’d have it

      1. Frilly Keane

        I dunno nathin’ about any of that
        And my remarks about the brand crashing should not be read as supporting or even turning a blind eye to their HR practices

        In fairness like

        I’d those Orla Keily kiddy sippy cups one time
        Long since binned
        And I’ve a pair of boots from one’ah her collaborations (the leaves are on the soles)
        And that’s it

        No wallpaper or nappy bags

        Or curtains

        So save your indignation

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      She’s not exactly a glowing advertisement for her own clothing range.
      Unless the 1950’s Soviet agricultural cooperative look is back in fashion.

  5. Selina

    The weather forecasts, (not the daily reports, the bigger picture ones) since the heavy snow in March, have been full of overplayed hype, neverending threats of storms etc. It’s therefore no wonder many took little notice of this week’s predicted dangerous conditions.

    1. Giggidygoo

      A kind of boy who cried wolf scenario. Once this colour coding started, its been Orange this, orange that, red this, red that. Hype hype hype.

    2. Nigel

      With criticism being that they’re guilty of overhyping and underhyping the real problem is that the public can’t distunguish between hype and being kept updated with information about events that can be monitored but whose precise behaviour and effect will always be subject to constantly shifting variables.

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