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Glass Wall Productions Present…

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts.

September 26-28 in the Sean O’Casey Theatre, St Mary’s Road, East Wall, Dublin.

Henrik Ibsen’s ground breaking, Ghosts, was first performed in 1881. In it, the playwright assailed the hypocrisy of moral codes, offering a daring treatment of such then-taboo issues as infidelity, venereal disease and illegitimacy.

Mrs.Helen Alving, has accepted her pastor’s counsel and endured her husband’s many infidelities in silence. Ten years after Alving’s death, she is to dedicate an orphanage in his memory.

Her son Oswald, kept innocent of his father’s profligacy, returns home. Oswald’s attraction to the housemaid – in reality, his half-sister – conjures up the ghost of his parents’ unhappy marriage.

This disastrous romance, along with Oswald’s increasing symptoms of the venereal disease inherited from his father, forces Mrs. Alving to confront her own “ghosts”.


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  1. Starina

    Who edited the blurb?!

    >> “ground breaking, Ghosts, was”
    should be either “ground-breaking Ghosts was” or “ground-breaking play, Ghosts, was”

    >> “Mrs.Helen Alving”
    needs a space

    >> “T



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