Tree down on Green Luas line yesterday


Travel Updates (Luas)

Pic: Luas

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24 thoughts on “Luas Latest

  1. Starina

    had a marvelous time waiting for a bus last night, and oh the traffic this morning. This rain is perfectly timed.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Jaykers. It’s desperate. I don’t enjoy cycling that much but what little pleasure I do derive from it usually involves sailing past people stuck in traffic jams in the morning. Or puffing past them, purple-faced, as I cycle home (gradual incline all the way).

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I’m new to all things LUAS as I don’t live near a stop.
    I’ve got to get to Earlsfort Terrace this evening and was going to get the LUAS from Broombridge.
    Am I reading it right that the trams are cancelled?

    1. Jasper

      It is operating between Broombridge and Dawson so I think you are okay.

      It’s only a couple minutes walk to Earlsfort Terrace from Dawson street, bring your wellies ;-)

  3. scottser

    i am currently embroiled in a boundary dispute with a neighbour over a tree. i have fallen tree envy right now. can someone tell me which god i have to pray to so that the fupn thing blows down?

    1. missred

      I saw this film a few weeks ago called Under The Tree, set in Iceland, about two neighbours warring over a tree in one garden. It does not end well.

      1. scottser

        the roots are on both sides janet. my granddad planted it way back in the 50s to close up a boundary but now the blow-ins next door believe they own it. i need it gone though, and i’m sort of hoping a good oul storm will take it out. or that it becomes an ent and just walks away..

        1. Starina

          If it’s an ent it could already be walking away but doing so at such a slow speed as to be imperceptible

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