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Open a bottle.

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Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE both above and on our YouTube channel.

Join a panel of your peers plus surprise guests and domestic pets as we devour the news of the week from home and ‘abroad’ with searing honesty and adult beverages.

Matters under debate will include the Presidency, An Garda Síochána, Brexit, Storm Ali, Tuam Mother and Baby update and competing slots: Marcel’s Buke Club and Neil’s Movies of the Week.

PLUS a ‘Freedom of Information’ special.

Blue language (including words like spuffle and fuckjet) expected.


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126 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly LIVE (10pm-Midnight)

    1. Brother Barnabas

      if you email bodger and ask can you appear on BOTT and put questions to gemma o’doherty, i’d bet my left nut he’d say yes. or you could just b1 tch from the sidelines.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        My sentiment exactly Brother.

        The amount of muppets in this country that have a problem with O’Doherty taking on the establishment with #EndCorruptionNow

        But have absolutely no problem with FFFG blocking her nomination in every county council so far.
        If that’s not corruption I don’t know what is.

        Still Gemma O’Doherty seems to be the number 1 enemy of the state.

        The way RTÉ and MSM are depicting her you’d be forgiving for thinking she murdered all those people instead of giving her professional career seeking justice for them.

        Oh Ireland please cop on before it’s to late.

        C’mon trolls give me yer’re pathetic retorts

        1. johnny

          Oh quit your whining,try supporting SF,INM/IT have Stack’s son and Cahill on speed dial ‘discussing’ events from 30 years ago,balance ah stop, papers filled with ‘news’ of the disappeared and fresh digging,want bet a ‘body’ is found as voting day comes closer !

          RTE is working on no doubt another Shergar/Disapearred special, there will inevitably also be a massive uptick in ‘dissidents’ activities arrests/arms/semtex finds…..

          Before I forget a small but very few vocal bunch trolls on here, obsessed with events from the 1970’s,who simply won’t separate the IRA/RA from modern day SF.

          Welcome to Politics 101 Johnny,and I’m supportive off Gemma making the ballot, but none this especially the councils should come as a surprise or did you think FF/FG would play fair?

          1. Liam Deliverance

            I didn’t think that the corruption ran so deep in the county councils as has been shown, so the whole place is fecking rotten then?, top to bottom and inside out, good to know.

        1. ReproButina

          I don’t see why GO’D is the only one BS are fixing up with an easy ride. Share the love BS! It might help calm down some of the angrier posters.

          1. Johnny Keenan

            BS have had Jimmy Smith Gemma O’doherty and Kevin Sharkey on. I personally asked Seam Gallagher on. He just smiled and ignored me. I then asked one of his 5 minders on and he said yeah but did not get in contact.
            The other presidential candidates are given Carte Blanche coverage all across MSM.
            The other 3 nominees mentioned above have been ignored by MSM.
            That’s why BSOTT have given these 3 brave and honest nominees a voice.

            To you and all BSOTT viewers
            You are welcome.

            Let me know your response back from RTÉ TV3 Newstalk Today fm etc when you contact them to ask why they won’t have Gemma O’Doherty on to discuss her run for Aras


          2. rotide

            I’m sure RTE and TV3 will allocate resources when and if any of the people you named have an actual serious chance of geting nominated.

            As it stands, they don’t.

            It’s hillarious how you all squabble endlessly about 2 no hoper candidates while completely ignoring the actual funny businness going on with the PAC

          3. Johnny Keenan

            rotide my sparing partner, what’s being ignored by MSM is the collusion and corruption of FFFG in county and city councils across the country in the last fortnight.
            Democracy is being slaughtered and not one mainstream media organization thinks that’s a problem or even of interest to the great Irish people. Proving the point once again that RTÉ and INM and now the brutal British virgin are all tools of the establishment. Where all the corruption comes from.

            Anyone who discredits a nominee before he or she even gets in the race has an agenda.

            As I keep saying to everyone who will listen. Can the politicians not listen to the will of the people and let democracy be seen to do its job.

            Recently a petition campaign was put up for Gemma O’Doherty and so far she has received nearly 5000 signatures.
            Our democratic right to vote for her is not being heard. Worse than that, it’s being oppressed.

            I guarantee you that the 3 dragons together wouldn’t get 5000 signatures from the great Irish public. Or maybe they might if it was a a C poll.

            Anyway do your patriotic duty and sign the petition. It’s not to late until it’s to late


  1. Selina

    Who’d have thought Vanessa was on Dublin South County Council? Well fvck me, G O’D didn’t stand a beggar’s chance!!!

    You’re one wicked biatch.

      1. Jeffrey

        You come across as totally biais on this video, terrible stuff, losing all sense of reasoning and democracy.

  2. Vanessa off the Telly

    That has been the problem with the trolling. Just because I supported another candidate, Jimmy Smyth, who declared before your preferred candidate, you have all decided I was against her.

    Find one inch of anything I have said beyond supporting another candidate

    For all our sakes.


  3. Selina

    I have to comment again Vanessa. The actual problem has been you commenting under various names discrediting Gemma and don’t you dare attempt to deny it.

    Quit the lies, people will have more respect for you that way. You’ve been transparent for many weeks now, it’s over, stop protesting and move on.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Ok Seliana, I get the game is up. The Trolls stabbed me in the back and broke the rule of the Internet, Disclosing someones ID, therefore ye will have to accept that you all can’t complain when you are all named and outed yourselves.

      So you now have two whole Log In Names to find, in your words, comments discrediting Gemma

      It was very clear that you will have plenty of assistance around here to dig something Up

      All I did was support another hopeful from before your own Candidate declared their own intention.

      I would never have thought my endorsement was worth that much for so many to be so agitated and aggrieved that they would go so far

      1. Selina

        Vanessa, you have a serious problem if you can’t see what you’ve done wrong, continuing trying to defend your actions is inflammatory and insulting at this stage.

        There’s no big conspiracy so no need for the paranoia. I don’t know John Ryan, that accusation last night was completely wrong and unfounded.

        Name me, I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. Please resist from speaking through any of your other avatars, I know the other ones apart from ‘Lilly’ and ‘Frilly’ show some grace in this pantomime.

        Not interested in all day ping pong of comments on this, it’s done.

        1. ReproButina

          What are you playing at Selina? Who made you the internet police? Quit trying to bully Vanessa into silence. She’s complaining about her chosen candidate not being allowed representation and you’re acting like she’s the power behind the throne single handedly denying GO’D her nomination. If your candidate can’t convince 1, let alone 4, county councils that’s her own damn fault. This outing people bs is completely uncalled for.

        2. millie st murderlark

          If you want what you’re saying to stick, stop throwing the multiple personality accusations around. Makes you look a bit paranoid and, well, a bit of a hypocrite, but I’ll say no more on that.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Did she now. By all means tell me where, because I’m not wasting my time backing up your assertions.

            I’d really like to see proof that Vanessa is somehow Frilly, Lilly, Anne, probably me, Memes and Jesus too. Because otherwise if it sounds crazy, looks crazy and smells crazy then it probably is in fact crazy.

          2. Selina

            Do you know what crazy is Mildred? It’s commenting on something you have not seen or witnessed. Can’t believe I held you in high regard.

            Cut the crap and just watch it, the truth is nothing to be afraid of.

          3. millie st murderlark

            Lol. Who are you? Not sure I’ve ever seen you comment here before Selina, so I can’t return the compliment sadly.

            And I think I’m well able to decide what crazy is for myself, but thanks anyway.

          4. Yep

            Ooohhhh. I had no idea about a lot of what was said. Tbh I haven’t watched any of the videos in a long time as it was clear ego was in place of intellect for the most part.

            If Johnny and and Vanessa had any interest in viewers and getting any sort of real discussion they would have stopped screeching over each other or anyone who disagreed. I used to think John was a poor moderator but it’s impossible dealing with them.

            Cheers for timecode Jeffrey.

        3. Janet, I ate my avatar

          there have been so many chops and changes, I haven’t a fupping clue who is who,
          it’s exhausting, you can’t engage with smokes and mirrors

  4. Selina

    You have not been blocked from commenting Mildred, I have, wise up. If your avatar was completely blocked, you would not remain silent.

    The usual sheep will jump in and mouth off, carry on, fools.

    1. ReproButina

      “The usual sheep” “fools”
      Can’t imagine why you were blocked. Threats to expose people aside, you come across as so lovely.

      1. Selina

        Bertie, if you think it’s fine for her to discredit a candidate by misusing her position on this site under multiple avatars and see nothing wrong with her behaviour in the latter 40 mins of last night’s show, then you’re no better than her.

        That goes for anyone with the same mindset. It’s actually quite telling, disgustingly so.

          1. Yep

            wish I could Selina. I just find it strange someone would try to control the narrative of the BS comment section and think it would be an effective way of ruining a campaign.

            I’m woke for facts though so I’m open to being schooled.

          2. Mango

            I was accused in the previous Gemma O’Doherty post the other day of using multiple accounts…it’s what they do around here. It’s hilarious. They really are paranoid. I was torn apart for asking some questions, I wasn’t bad mouthing anyone or discrediting anyone and I got a whole plethora of questions on Madeleine McCann, as if I hadn’t educated myself on it myself, these people are all a bit, well, off. Something is amiss.
            I’m as anti corruption as the next person it doesn’t mean when someone announces that as their agenda that they have carte blanche to say what they like and not face the music. Laughable. Cue the onslaught now.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          even if thats the case (i havent watched it yet either), you might be massively overestimating vanessa’s influence. i can’t see how she could discredit a candidate in anyone’s eyes.

          1. Selina

            BB, slagging off a candidate, day in day out, under multiple avatars, is undeniably damaging, how could it not be?

            A voter who is undecided, reading the daily slew of disparaging slurs, is unlikely to vote for that candidate.

          2. ReproButina

            Selina, GO’D is not yet a candidate. The only voters that have any say at the moment are county councillors. Do you believe any of them are sitting on BS trying to decide which person to back as a candidate?

          3. Brother Barnabas


            i’m watching it now, so far, there’s a passionate, coherent call for support for gemma from johnny, which i’d personally find pretty convincing (although i’m inclined towards gemma anyway) up against some fairly incoherent and rambling waffle against her.
            sincerely, i think you’re wrong in your estimation of any damage being done to her.

          4. Selina

            BB, you’re not going to admit Vanessa was wrong in what she has done, none of you will have the balls to do that, so don’t bother replying to me, keep whitewashing etc.

          5. ReproButina

            Pointing out that she’s not yet a candidate is not deflection. You’re complaining that posts slagging her off will deter voters which is completely meaningless unless she gets nominated.

          6. Brother Barnabas


            selina, i don’t think you actually read my comment. i’m not defending vanessa. i’m just suggesting that she’s unlikely to influence anyone. in contrast, johnny keenan would, i think.

        2. ReproButina

          I just watched the last 40 minutes of the show and I saw nothing to suggest Vanessa was discrediting anyone. I saw a bunch of people talking over each other and reacting to words before other people could get to finish a point which meant it just became a mess. Johnny is talking about corruption, Vanessa argues that FF/FG voting together is not corruption but standard practice, John tells Vanessa to stop getting hung up on the word corruption.

          If you think a single person had their opinion of a candidate set or changed by that then you may need to expand your horizons.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Selina you have expressed now to a couple of different commentators that you expect more of them so I’m guessing you had some respect for them as fair,
            maybe entertain that people are not grasping your point or that your obviously personal take on this is getting in the way of any point you are trying to make ?
            just a thought

          2. ReproButina

            I don’t know what it is Vanessa has done. I’m talking about the video which amounts to a whole pile of nothing.

            I know you claim she has posted under multiple accounts but can you back that up? I didn’t know she was Frilly until she said it on the video. I don’t pay that close attention to people switching usernames, apart from the obvious david, so show me where she did it and how you know it was her.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            pretty sure everyone on the panel has an Avatar,
            several is a different story I personally would’nt be a fan of as I believe multiple accounts muddy the waters and produce an unpleasant atmosphere,
            however everyone is entitled to anonymity for one surely

          4. Jeffrey

            Repro, you asked can it be shown if she is using multiple accounts then you say you know she is using multiple accounts? Frilly = 1, Vanessa = 1 so 2 account, same person, no?

          5. ReproButina

            It seems Vanessa being Frilly was a bit of an open secret that I’m only cottoning on to but the allegation is a poster day on day slagging GO’D off under multiple usernames. Have Vanessa or Frilly been slagging GO’D on a daily basis?

          6. Selina

            Bertie, you should be a politician. With your failure to grasp simple facts, you will have to watch the video a few more times. You have been gifted the information, what you do with it is up to you. My guess is that you’ll continue being chief knob on the subject and Janet top sheep, that is your prerogative.

          7. Janet, I ate my avatar

            you may have noticed I didn’t condone any behavior,
            I have yet to give an opinion on the whole shamble
            the only thing I have given an opinion on is your delivery and my dislike of multiple accounts ( as you can tell from my Avatar I’m rather fond of our four legged friends ) ;)

          8. Selina

            Janet, we’ll see what your delivery is like after you’ve been blocked and silenced time and time again while Vanessa, with her clout on here, sees every post you write is deleted and drums up the mob mentality of people like you, under multiple avatars.

            All for speaking the truth. Your sense of right and wrong is so off kilter.

            Bertie, you are a lost cause, reread all of these comments and spend the rest of the day watching the video.

          9. Janet, I ate my avatar

            you’re clearly very frustrated and it’s not helping your case
            I’m defending no one so hard to see where you make the leap to mob mentality
            why are you getting deleted ? all I’m suggesting is maybe it has to do with how you are making your point and not the actual point
            I’d be against any bullying or discrediting
            but I think my morals and Avatar are fairly consistent on here

          10. bisted

            …just to say Bertie…you were not alone in not recognising/caring that Frilly and Vanessa were the same person…what else we share with Frilly and a few others (who know who they are) is that we’ve been around here longer than most…we seldom agree but we have a small bit of respect for eachother grown out of a familiarity…familiarity that breeds content, not contempt…

          11. Selina

            Janet, you’re a follower, a sheep, of course you don’t see the mob mentality, the mob never do…

            Not frustrated in the slightest. One day, you may own an independent thought and act on it, I won’t hold my breath.

          12. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I can’t wait to show that comment to my sister it’s gonna crack her up,
            thanks for that, first time ever called a follower, I’m gonna frame it

          13. Janet, I ate my avatar

            keep going with the personal attacks and aggressive delivery though
            it’s really working out for you ;)

  5. Girl all I want right now is you

    Mildred maybe Selina has a point
    Watch the video – before it’s inevitably edited

    It was a really shocking display by all concerned

    Indeed I tried to warn John some time ago that the format of BOTTYTV with the same old mad eggs on it every week was prone to just this sort of hijacking by one note pub bores. A shame because the interview with Ken Fox’s was actually probably the single best thing I’ve ever seen in BOTTYTV. Again really struck me how having a professional voice on there was so much more interesting that the shouts from the loudmouths

    1. johnny

      -ain’t that the truth,as someone who doesn’t even know who ‘Vanessa’ is or why she’s on the ‘telly’, its impossible for me to follow any of this.

  6. Sibling of Daedalus

    Just to say that Vanessa/Frilly has been here since the beginning, without her the comments section might not ever have got going, so I think people should cut her some slack. She turned up to the Council yesterday to give us a report, full credit. She knows her stuff on financial matters, has some very good insights about life generally and it is refreshing to see someone who is not a media head, who is completely unfiltered and does not hide her feelings.

    Gemma is polarising. What can I say. Sometimes I think she is great, sometimes I want to strangle her (not literally, Mr Tweed, just metaphorically). Her Dublin City Council presentation was incredibly professional, and many people (me included) agree with her platform.

    1. The mass blocking on twitter is counterproductive.
    2. It is very sad to see her followers responding to threats about mental illness by accusing those on the other side (not necessarily the ones making the allegations of mental illness) of mental illness.
    3. If she is going to raise the democracy issue to be nominated, she needs to realise that answering the questions of councillors and people on twitter is part of that democratic process.
    4. Not all people are trolls or part of a conspiracy to do her down, sometimes people just want to find out what her position is and to discuss her. It’s not democratic to shut down debate. Obviously people want to know her position on things like abortion, it is (apart from Gemma herself) one of the most polarising issues in the country at the moment.
    5. Outside a dictatorship, no would-be politician can expect absolute immunity from criticism or questioning.
    6. I hope she appreciates how loyal and decent John Ryan and Olga Cronin have been to her and doesn’t turn on them because she doesn’t like some of the comments (including this one, which is my responsibility only and sent completely without their knowledge).
    7. I also hope that next time she says she’ll unblock someone after being told that they had spent much of a busy work day on twitter trying to defend her and indeed had gone to the trouble of typing up and sending in a transcript of her DCC speech so people could read it, she might actually do so (it’s been three days, Gemma…)

    PS I know I won’t be unblocked after this comment but I guess I’ll have to live with that. ;-)

    1. Sibling of Daedalus

      Just one more thing – people whining about the panel on the telly, would you ever shut up or offer yourselves up, obviously if there were more people looking to go on the same people wouldn’t be on every week. By armchair criticising but not participating you are perpetuating the situation you are giving out about. Otherwise we’ll all just assume you won’t go on, or maybe can’t go on because you’re working for a media competitor, it is interesting how a lot of the criticism of the ‘pub bores’ seems to have a ‘but they’re just civilians’ slant.

      1. rotide

        Will you ever cop on. This is the same as Johnny’s constant put up or shut up whinge.

        Why do you assume that anyone who slags off the panel WANTS to go on the show? Does everyone who gives out about Simon Cowell should apply to be a judge on the X factor? Give it a rest. You wrote a little novel above saying that people should accept critism and completely go back on it here. If the lads want to go and pretend to be on newsnight, then more power to them, but as soon as it goes public they have to accept that people are going to comment on what they are saying.

        They are appearing on this show because they want people to watch and listen to them. People are watching and listening to them in the tens and are having their say.. They’d more than happily take the good, no point in having a tantrum when its the bad.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          would you not go on, rotide ? just for the crack. it would amuse the phuck out of me if that might influence your call.

      2. Yep

        I agree with nearly everything you say and I think you would be one of the most popular and reasonable posters/commentators.

        However, the show is up for critique by anyone who watches it. Regardless if they take part of not.

        1. Sibling of Daedalus

          It is of course, sorry if I implied otherwise.

          What I think is valuable about the show is that it is different from the typical pundit chat show. It has people on who are not working in media, politicians or media-trained but who at the same time are not intimidated. That’s very rare and it makes it very interesting to watch and why I like it. It also results in things like last night. I had to turn it off for a bit because it was so distressing. However I watched it again and it was fascinating viewing, nothing like it anywhere else. Probably that format will get old after a while but I am still very interested to watch it. It would be good to get new people on so it doesn’t get stale.

  7. rotide

    There’s only 4 letters to describe that complete mess


    That made the McGregor press conference look like two great orators debating quantum superposition

    Like Bertie, I didn’t know Frilly was Vanessa until just then either. Makes sense I guess. I assume the pointed accusations of ‘anonymous trolls’ will be toned down now?.

      1. Sibling of Daedalus

        On one memorable occasion I was accused of being a Super Troll combination of Frilly, myself and numerous other people mind-controlling the Broadsheet team as part of a long-term site policy of trolling columnists and contributors, which was rubbish. I did give out in the chat pit on one memorable day about people who disembarked re. Dara Quigley, definitely not my finest hour. However as far as I can remember I have never ever left critical comments regarding any other contributor. At least the Frilly/Vanessa expose puts that myth to death. The idea that John or Olga would encourage that is ridiculous. If anything they are too nice, honourable and decent.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          did you know about the frilly/vanessa thing?

          I thought the assigned avatars put an end to people switching names, but seems to be happening a lot at the moment

          1. Sibling of Daedalus

            I did yes, because Frilly and I had some email correspondence a few years back about a mutual interest in pirates. She signed her first name and I signed mine. So I had an idea.

            I think many of the early commenters had multiple avatars. It seemed like a good idea in 2011! I cannot even remember all mine at this stage. I contribute ‘work’ posts under another name as well and some friends and family members comment too, but completely independently of me. I just started commenting on Broadsheet when it started (I was a Blogorrah reader, though I never commented on it and had never met anyone from there), and a couple of my friends and family got interested too. I should say that although I contribute to Broadsheet now the site has nothing to do with my comments whatsoever.

            I would have been too scared to comment or contribute other than anonymously when I started out in case I made an idiot of myself. Now I have made an idiot of myself many times, most people in my life know my two contributing names and the world has not fallen in (though there were some close shaves). Should I change? I don’t know. Anonymous commenters get talked down to a lot (I got called a ‘gutless anonymous tweeter’; by some guy on twitter when defending Gemma last week) but here is a value in anonymous commenting because I think people are more honest.

          2. Vanessa No More Telly

            Hi Sib
            I actually gave you a shout out about that on Marcel Kruger’s book club
            when I introduced Des Ekin’s, Stolen Village

          3. Sibling of Daedalus

            I missed that! A great book.

            Did you know Jackie Kennedy was descended form the pirate who abducted those women? He had a son Anthony van Salee who was one of the early settlers in New York. Humphrey Bogart was another descendant.

            I wouldn’t have minded being abducted by JFK Junior…

          4. Vanessa No More Telly

            Ah ya spoiler

            I only tugged at the lad’s sons settling in Manhattan and growing into a very interesting story themselves

            And ta.

            For everything Hon

          5. johnny

            I really enjoy that baking thing-hope it continues, am completely agnostic on handles/trolls/avatars/telly/who’s who-i could care less:)
            I’ve always enjoyed our exchanges,so good luck with everything.

  8. Sibling of Daedalus

    And since it’s all coming out…

    I greatly enjoyed Tony’s posts on the site (he did a great and very brave one after the Dara Quigley exits), never criticised him under any user name and only ever left one comment on his posts ever, which was complimentary.

    However, when he got into a dispute with Frilly over her critical comments on my post, there was confusion and he was led to understand she was me. On hearing this, I emailed him to say that I wasn’t Frilly, but his response was to complain to the site about it having given me his email address. It was all part of the super-troll theory discussed above. I hope Tony is aware now that I am not Frilly, and that I have never had any altercation with him in my life (except trying to explain that I wasn’t the person fighting with him).

    He seems to be implying that John Ryan posts under multiple user names, I think this was stated in an old article in Village by an unknown journalist writing under the pseudonym ‘Julia Tuohy’ which was taken down for a while but is now up again. It’s part of a long-running smear of the site, saying that commenters are encouraged to pick on contributors. I think most of us know a lot of the other regular commenters by this stage and also know that we act completely independently of the site (apart from it moderating us when it feels like it).

    it’s a very unfair smear and I’m glad that it was brought into the open on last night’s show, because it has been going around for a while and has been the cause of the exit of a number of contributors. It grew following bad feeling after the Dara exits, and I feel partly responsible for it because I gave out about the people exiting which was the only time I ever criticised other contributors online before or since.

    I’d love to find out who Julia Tuohy is because it all started off with that biatchy Village article…

    Sorry about the epic length but I think long-term commenters might be interested to know the context of the troll remarks on the show last night.

    1. Ger Mc

      Jaysus. All a bit batpoo crazy on here today . I had a look there for you Sibling and the name seems to be Jane Tuohy not Julia on the site

      1. Sibling of Daedalus

        I think it was Julia first and then it changed to Jane, which is one of the reasons (apart from the fact there’s no Irish online profile for a Julia or Jane Tuohy journalist) that I figured it was a pseudonym. Enquiries from the editor of Village have not yielded any further information. The drama!!!

        1. Ger Mc

          I’m looking for the same but can’t find any journalist called Jane or Julia . I did find a Twitter account in Dublin for a Janetuohyfound but doesn’t say she is a journalist. Lots of retweets but a few of her own tweets do kind off tie to the language in the article.

          1. Sibling of Daedalus

            It’s a mystery certainly! The article is a bit patronising but might have been intended to be complimentary, it is a pity that it started off the whole ‘Broadsheet is getting people to trolll its contributors’ thing. Hopefully bringing these stories out in the open might put an end to them, they have been floating around for too long with veiled references and ‘warnings’ to people on twitter and off and have involved a lot of inaccuracies and misidentifications.

            If you notice the article says about Broadsheet ‘you stood up to Ireland’s biggest bully” (ie Denis) so I wondered if it could have been written by an INM employee or freelancer writing under a pseudonym. I can understand why they might not have wanted to put their name to it in fairness.

          2. Sibling of Daedalus

            I think the twitter account was opened round the same time as the article. It seems to have an old black and white photo up. If it’s for real, she should keep writing, she has a good descriptive style. I haven’t seen any other published pieces by her.

    2. Jeffrey

      Well Im finding this really hilarious to see that some “regular” commentators who are first to call out trolling are now coming out as using more than one Name when posting, certainly puts things into context on a lot of convos!!

  9. Ger Mc

    Yeah you could be right Sibling A bit mad that they too it down and then put it back up again . Love the work broadsheet is doing . Keep it up . Great support for the water protests !

    1. Sibling of Daedalus

      I agree Ger, Broadsheet does great work and doesn’t get enough credit at all. Thanks for finding that link.

  10. B. Lowe, me

    This frilly thing is a stupid distraction

    I don’t mind the naming articles or incessant roleplay

    But now everyone is talking about not anything

    There were some great issues raised there last night regarding transparency, access to information etc

    But I feel the whole thing was hijacked by a few mouthpieces

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