The demolition of St Teresa’s Gardens complex in Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin in September 2016

Olivia Kelly, in The Irish Times, reports:

The long-awaited construction of 54 social homes at St Teresa’s Gardens in Dublin’s southwest inner city is projected to cost €26.5 million, or almost €500,000 per home.

…The development, which was to be the first phase in the construction of more than 500 homes, was expected to cost €15 million, of which €4-€6 million was to be spent on the demolition and refurbishment work….

Good times.

Social homes on council land to cost €500,000 each to build (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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26 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. giggidygoo

    Did this go to tender? If not, why not. If so, then isn’t the original tender bid the one that has to be used?

  2. Murtles

    This. This is the type of sh**ehawking that contributes to the whole sorry situation. If it’s a county council or government department, developers know they can milk it for all it’s worth. You’d build a mansion for €500,000 but instead they’ll put up a pokey two up two down and pocket the profit. There should be at least 100 homes built for that money instead of 54.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Honestly that’s cheap. You need to remember this is Ireland, everything is always way over the original price quoted.

  4. Joe Small

    While we need social housing, the old model of councils building large amounts of it won’t work because they’re really bad at it. It will cost more and take longer. We need to find the right blend of public and private involvement to get large numbers of good quality apartments and houses built in a reasonable timeframe. That’s actually a hard thing to get right. Its a complex problem.

    1. Panty Christ

      To be fair, cabra, Crumlin, ballyfermot and donnycarney, all those houses are still standing and have passed through the generations. They don’t make them like they used to.

      1. b

        that the houses are still standing is a low bar, try living in one now without spending a decent wedge on insulation and modernisation and come back to me

        1. scottser

          that’s not exactly fair is it? buy a privately developed house from the 70’s in templeogue or artane and see how much insulation is in it.
          and no local authority built estate back then ever had to be evacuated for pyrite or because they were fire traps.

          1. b

            “and no local authority built estate back then ever had to be evacuated for pyrite or because they were fire traps.”

            that’s because there was no building regulations back then!

          2. scottser

            so how come so many developments that were built in the age of regulations ended up sub-standard?
            profit for shareholders has to be a factor, whereas this wasn’t a consideration for the local authorities historically.

          3. b

            yes, definitely, houses were put up fast and corners were cut to save money

            but it really has little to do with how the council built simple houses 50 years ago in the era of no regulations. Whenever the council get involved now, they may be in compliance, but invariably late and over budget.

          4. scottser

            The council hasnt built anything in yonks, its all been built under CAS or part v, unless you know of a recent regulated local authority build that didnt use contractors?

      2. Cian

        In fairness, one would need to look at the bigger picture:
        How much did those social houses cost to build? (Cabra, Crumlin, ballyfermot and donnycarney)
        Was there any procurement? or was it brown envelope? Or did the council hire direct labour?
        How much did they cost to maintain?

  5. johnny

    A very quick read off the piece indicates that they hack applied the total site clean up/demo to the per unit cost of NEW houses,it looks flawed in that there are additional phases/units- (its early here need coffee)- I think the numbers the hack quotes in that piece are bad-will follow up a little later.

      1. johnny

        stop that now:)
        from the link above-a new low from the awful,dismal,depressing Irish MSM.

        Projected-by WHO…. !

        “The long-awaited construction of 54 social homes at St Teresa’s Gardens in Dublin’s southwest inner city is projected to cost €26.5 million, or almost €500,000 per home”

        Really really fooked reporting-the whole piece is total and complete BS-they are PROJECTED costs, nothing has been tendered, no contracts signed, this is irresponsible,its beyond FAKE news, its propaganda.

        Estimated-by… ?
        “The estimated cost, including the soil decontamination, was €26.5 million”

  6. A Person

    There is no way that houses cost that much. Can we see the figures. Generally the prices of housing in pushed up by the cost of land rather than the cost of building.

    With regard to local authority versus other management systems, the former have proved to be terrible, which is why they, the govt and everyone else has assigned their build and management to Approved Housing Bodies.

  7. GenerationScrewed

    Spin baby spin and add some ambiguity. Government – “Sure aren’t social houses so expensive lads, we can’t just magic money out of thin air and that’s why we’ve built nothing. Sure look at how much it was for 50 of them over the road there”.

    IT readers will of course lap up the spin, “500K for a flat/house to be rented to some baby making machine who’s never worked a day in their life? Such treachery! No to social housing and wasting of taxpayers money!”

    What’s not clear is whether the demolition of the 10 blocks going to facilitate only the construction of 50 units or does it free up the space to build a lot more than 50 (which may come a bit later) but the cost of demolition is being attributed to the first 50. Maybe they will outsource the construction of the remaining block at a cost of 350K per unit and be able to say “sure look, friendly developer X can build them sooooooo much cheaper!”.

    1. Johnny

      Site clean up due to environmental containment which was 500,000 appears to be “loaded”,or also incorrectly allocated onto the per unit cost of “Newhouse”-these costs should be spread over the total units on the site-the metric used for a mixed use site indicates either an agenda or stupidity.
      Will provide more breakdown shortly.

  8. johnny

    Trying track down a possible ‘source’ for the hack-here is the FG announcement yesterday-its silent on costs !

    Nothing at DCC site either on costs,but some very useful info (bit dated) on the site and the plans.

    Very odd that the IT would print/publish ‘estimates’ with no source,somewhat irresponsible given the housing crisis to publish this.

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