You Wait Ages For One Ballot…


There you go now.

Read the bill in full here

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38 thoughts on “You Wait Ages For One Ballot…

      1. shortforBob

        The public consultation wanted to amend it to make it gender neutral, the government wanted to delete it entirely.

        The government only likes public consultation when it agrees with what they wanted to do anyway.

    1. ____

      It’s a hell of a lot simpler; you’re only removing one word.

      The debate on the women’s place we mostly about what gets put in.

      It’s really nice to see this being done with so little fuss.

    2. McVitty

      yeah, should probably be amended to be gender neutral but it is important to note the intent of Article 41.1 in the constitution – it is there to acknowledge the beneficial work a stay-at-home parent…be careful of the baby when throwing out bathwater.

    1. edalicious

      It would be great to see that Iona crowd getting trounced again but that would mean having to put up with them on the airwaves for another month.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      I caught about 5 mins of whats his face on Oireachtas TV last night ‘debating’ it’s retention…

      Mullen, that’s him, yeah…. that fella. It was too waffley and I can’t recall any of what he said :)

    3. shortforBob

      If we as a nation can be proud about age discrimination and not allow the possibility of anyone under 35 to even to run for the largely pointless ceremonial figurehead office of president then of course we can make a mess of almost any constitutional amendment for all the wrong reasons.

      Some people have a very strange ideas of freedom, equality and fraternity,

        1. shortforBob

          Not even allowing for the possibility of an excellent candidate under the age of 35 is shameful discrimination.
          You don’t have to vote for them but not letting them run is wrong.

          Especially considering the eejits running this time.

  1. rotide

    I’m uneasy about this. It seemed like a hypothetical stick to beat out and out bigots with. Like, if we start down the route of other european countries and start to see more and more disquiet with muslim immigration, it would be handy to have something that would maaaaybe dissuade the more ‘Allah is a bollix’ types at various marches.

    However, it was a perfectly crafted piece of ligislation that never had a hope of seeing a prosecution from it so i suppose its no loss

  2. McVitty

    Well, we have the Human Rights & Equality Commission to decide what is hate-speech and soon to decide what aught to be compelled speech – so this blasphemy thing is ready for decommissioning. We have newer tools to control people – la plus ca change…

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