‘A Simple Act Of Dignity’


Peter Mulryan, of the Tuam Home Survivors’ Network (third right), at a march through Tuam, Co Galway during the papal visit

Peter Mulryan, of the Tuam Home Survivors’ Network, writes:

The Children of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home still lie in a disused septic tank at the site of the former ‘home’. Of the 796 Death Certificates issued by the State, burial records are known for just two of those children.

In late 2016, a partial excavation by the Commission of Investigation, confirmed the existence of large quantities of infant remains, in 17 out of 20 chambers of a disused sewerage system. These are the mortal remains of the Children of Tuam.

Since then, neither the local Coroner or the Attorney General has exercised their powers or performed their duties to convene an Inquest into the deaths of a single child.

On Saturday 6th October, we ask the good people of Ireland to join us in a simple dignified funeral cortege to honour the Children of Tuam; children never accorded the dignity of funeral rites by Church or State.

I shall be walking to honour a sister, whom I have never known. Please join us by carrying a simple white shoe-box, bearing the name of a child of Tuam, to represent the coffins they were never granted and the six single mothers who died at the Tuam Home and also have no burial records. Give them that simple act of dignity in less than one hour of your own lifetime.

Funeral Cortege For The Children Of Tuam (Tuam Home Survivors Network)

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3 thoughts on “‘A Simple Act Of Dignity’

  1. Raven

    I’m hoping to attend, what time does the cortege set off and where is it setting off from? Im not familiar with Tuam town, thanks.

  2. Kevin Higgins

    The Cortege, will leave from Garden of Remembrance in DUBLIN not Tuam at 2.00 pm Saturday 6th October

  3. Truth in the News

    Surely at this stage, why can not an order of Mandamus be sought from the High Court directing
    those with responsibility to investigate the matter, contrast this with the actions of the Guards in
    Valentia Island today looking into the death of one child, is not time they expanded their inquires
    to the initial 796 in Tuam and then moved on to other locations where there is cause for concern,

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