They’re back.

With fighter-promoted hooch.

Are Ye Havin’ That writes:

Leather Jacket Guy and the ‘World’s Largest Drinks Reviewing Channel’ reviews Conor Mcgregor’s ‘Proper No Twelve’ whiskey…


21 thoughts on “Cask No Shadow

    1. BS

      Very strange how when you comment on one of these videos saying ljg buys likes on YouTube or comments under different usernames it gets removed or reface red.

      Why is that Bodger?

        1. BS

          So why edit someone’s comment with out stating you’ve done so? It’s not these first time it’s happened on comments on this lads posts, and it seems to happen on other posts too.

          Not very democratic. What would Gemma think?

    1. Jeffrey

      So I hear. Cheap blended 3 year old with added coloring to make it look older. At 35 yoyos its not one I will be buying!

        1. shortforBob

          It is more than a little misleading to have TWELVE all over a bottle of whiskey that isn’t 12 years old.

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