Councils And Candidates


This afternoon.

Gavan Reilly, political correspondent with Virgin Media News, has tweeted a table (above) of which candidate councils across the country nominated to run for president and which councils put forward no candidate at all.

He tweetz:

These are my notes – afaik there’s only three who haven’t *actively* voted to ignore all candidates, but instead where no councillor actually tabled a motion to back someone in the first place.

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Thanks Gavan Reilly and Namawinelake

16 thoughts on “Councils And Candidates

  1. Blonto

    Since there’s going to be an election, surely all CoCo’s should nominate a candidate.
    The fact that 3 of the 4 are from the same TV show is a fupping disgrace and an embarrassment.
    All the CoCo’s that nominated a fupping dragon, or nominated nobody, should be cleared out and local elections should be run instead.
    Fupping “entreprenours” are going to represent us abroad???? Do they think they’re the irish answer to Donald Trump.

  2. TheQ47

    I thought Sligo CoCo had two nominations to be debated this morning (1 for Gallagher and 1 for Casey), but both were withdrawn. Have they now decided to nominate O’Doherty?

  3. b

    the clamour on here for O’Doherty to be nominated by default is very odd, nobody has a right to be on a Presidential ballot and there’s a numerous other political offices she can put herself forward for if she believes she has the support of the people

  4. Blonto

    I don’t think anyone thinks O’Doherty should be nominated by default. And very few people would think that she had a chance of winning the election.
    But a bit of variety on the ballot paper would be good. Lets face it, the dragons are hoping to split the vote and get one of them in with transfers.
    There’s a distinct lack of choice going into this election. And elections should be all about choice.
    I think Higgins did a great job in the last term. And I hope he gets in again.
    But the subterfuge, machinations and pure bolloxology of FF, FG and Labour to prevent nominations is anti-democratic. Fupp them and roll on the next general election.

  5. Cian


    The fake news is that FF/FG are against GO’D; The three councils that have done nothing all have a minority of FF+FG Vs the rest:

    Monaghan County Council
    Sinn Féin (7), Fine Gael (4), Fianna Fáil (4), Independent (3)

    Louth County Council
    Sinn Féin (10), Fine Gael (6), Fianna Fáil (5), Green Party (2), Labour Party (2), Independent (4)

    Donegal County Council
    Fianna Fáil (11), Sinn Féin (9), Fine Gael (6), Labour Party (1), Independent (10)

    and where did she get nominated?
    Sligo County Council
    Fianna Fáil (7), Fine Gael (3), Sinn Féin (2), Solidarity–PBP (1), Independent (4), Ind. Alliance (1)

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