This afternoon.

At his campaign headquarters on Lord Edward Street, Dublin.

President Michael D Higgins speaks at the launch of his campaign to win another term in the Áras.

The launch can be watched live here

President Higgins’ website has also just gone live


The Facebook live feed cut out just before journalists began asking President Higgins questions.


This morning…


20 thoughts on “I’m Worth It

      1. Cian

        Not completely true.

        How much can a candidate spend?
        The spending limit is €750,000 per candidate. If a candidate is elected, or gets more than 25% of the quota in the election, they can be reimbursed up to €200,000 from the State. Each candidate’s election agent must tell the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) how much the candidate spent.

        There are also strict limits on the value of donations to candidates and each candidate’s election agent must report details of donations to SIPO.

        SIPO publishes guidelines in advance of a presidential election. To ensure compliance with the guidelines and the legislation, SIPO carries out spot-checks on the statements from election agents. It then publishes a report on the presidential election.

        Last time we paid €200,000 each to Michael D. Higgins, Sean Gallagher, & Martin McGuinness; the others got nothing.

  1. hapff

    so how’s Gemma’s campaign going? saw a tweet where she was thanking various TDs “for nominating me and giving Irish people the right to choose their President”

    1. Jake38

      So true. The only question really is who is not going to make a holy show of us. #

      Apart from the fraternal condolences on the death of the Cuban dictator, Squee has managed to fulfill that modest requirement.

    2. shortforBob


      I’m only surprised that anyone thinks otherwise and all the cheerleaders we are already seeing in the comments.

      Still think it’s a waste of money and miggledy is the least worst of the lot.

  2. The revolution will not be televised

    The accent on MDH. And, what a massive ego too.

    It’s a shame Gemma didn’t make he ballot. Says a lot about this country and its level of corruption when those cardboard-cutout Dragons make the cut. Everything is about commodification it seems.

    Things really need stirring up.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The Gembots are as delusional as she is! The Tin Fáil party candidate wouldn’t have reached double figure percentage points.

  3. ReproButina

    What’s Seanie “can I be president now?” done in the last seven years? Last time out he said he’d learn Irish. I’m willing to bet he hasn’t even done that much.

    They’re trying to have a go over the cash at the President’s disposal without having the self awareness to point out the waste of money this election is. Not a decent challenger in the bunch. MDH is like Dublin in the Leinster championship.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      exactly- he had a go 7 years ago, cost us 200k and we said no. happy to cost the state another 200k for a second shot. arrogance of it.

  4. Walter Ego

    An A4 brown envelope with FF Cash written on it, would be a hilarious addition to Gallaghers hand on that bus.
    Grabs envelope, sticky tape, black marker and camera.

  5. Murtles

    Did Miggeldy get his photo taken and posters printed yesterday too or is he just wearing the same outfit as the posters? Continuity-tastic Mr Prez.

    1. H

      I knew there was something weird about those pictures but couldn’t put my finger on it. The photos in the posters look like they were taken while he making that speech – very unnerving!

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