Meanwhile, In Cork


This morning.

At the offices of Abtran in Mahon, Cork.

Staff were evacuated after two members of staff working in the mail receiving centre of the offices sustained “symptoms of skin irritation” – after “suspected hazardous material” was reportedly sent to the centre.

Staff have since returned to the building and Abtran has released a statement saying “nothing suspect has been found”.

Latest: ‘Nothing suspicious found’ after Abtran employees in Cork evacuated following mail incident (Denise O’Donoghue, Irish Examiner)

Pic: Fiona Corcoran


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. Alan McGee

    So what was the “suspected hazardous material”?
    Why was employees skin irritated handling non “suspected hazardous material”?
    Who sent the “suspected hazardous material”?
    What was the “suspected hazardous material”?

    These are the questions I’d be asking if I was the co-ordinator of the emergency services

    1. Murtles

      Where were these two employees last night?
      Were they out on the lash?
      Were they tired and emotional this morning and said lets have an easy morning?
      Even though they had skin irritation, were they asking for sausages and mugs of tay?

  2. Hansel

    Abtran “Plant”?

    They don’t actually make anything there do they, it’s just a call centre where staff are allegedly treated extremely badly.

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