Paddy Kavanaugh


From top: US president Donald Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kauvanagh; Entry for May in Mr Kauvanagh’s 1982 Diary released yesterday.

Phil Cushen writes:

Check out Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar entries for May 8th & May 14, 1982. Could be part of your ongoing GAA Illuminati articles…

Brett Kavanaugh’s high school calendar doesn’t prove anything — except that he partied (Vox)

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19 thoughts on “Paddy Kavanaugh

    1. AssPnats

      Men, women, those who don’t have any sexual organs……

      What difference does it make who the committee is made up of.

      This whole story is a load of bulls!t !

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      What is your point? are you saying that men will automatically think him innocent and women think him guilty?

  1. Starina

    Who uses all the proper connector words when writing on a calendar?! “Cut our lawn” wouldn’t “cut lawn” be more natural? or even just “lawn”? This looks so faked-after-the-fact

  2. AFoxIndeed

    Seems to have a lot of plans for nights he’s grounded… gets grounded a lot too… must have been a naughty boy…ugh, just google it and I’ve the same birthday [not birth year] as himself.

  3. rotide

    Any chance we could get a translation for those browsing on the desktop site?

    It’s a tiny postage stamp sized image on my monitors.

    1. Nigel

      I isolated the image, enlarged it , ran it through some filters, enhanced the pixellation, oxidised the chromatic spectrum array, and I can conclusively report that I have no feckin idea what it’s supposed to say.

      1. johnny

        its remarkable Nigel,hopefully they know broadsheet is on the telly shortly :)
        he bombed on Fox other night,he’s done.

        1. Nigel

          I’d say the odds are decreasing, but still in his favour, tbh. They really want him on that court, and the possibility might be an attempted rapist is not something they want to care about.

          1. johnny

            ah no-im missing broadsheet on the telly-he’s back-agreed they have the majority but just barely.
            probably a bit early to call.

  4. Nigel

    Oh Christine Blassey Ford at the Hearing
    My seat at the court you denied
    You took the black robe I’d be wearing
    Now everyone thinks that I lied.

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