You Wait Around For Ages


This lunchtime.

RTÉ Radio studios.

Presidential candidates ahead of a lunchtime debate on RTÉ Radio One. From top: Gavin Duffy, Joan freeman, Peter Casey and Liadh Ní Riada.

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Sam Boal/Rollingnews


This afternoon.

Liadh Ní Riada and the Sinn Féin campaign bus.

Name that vehicle, anyone?


17 thoughts on “You Wait Around For Ages

    1. bridget lawlor

      Its called the Brighton bomber manufactured in Birmingham
      The brand disappeared much like Sinn feinns name and the victims

  1. Dub Spot

    Definitely voting for Liadh Ní Riada. Miriam O’Callaghan will want her clothes back though for her own Presidential run later…

  2. ReproButina

    Peter Casey’s opening statement about what it is about him, his public service and his track record that means voters should give him their number 1:
    “My mother told all her children that you’re here to make a difference and I believe we’re now in a situation where we CAN connect with the Irish people abroad. I HAD to leave Ireland when I did because there was no opportunities in Ireland. We’re such a unique country. I mean I sometimes think you have to leave Ireland to really understand how important and how precious it is to be Irish. We’ve a opportunity now, from a technology perspective, we can connect the Irish abroad. There are 11 times the number of people living outside of Ireland than inside. We can connect those people outside of Ireland with the people inside of Ireland for the benefit of the people in Ireland. Now we can do it, we, it’s, now than ever, any time in our history we are in a unique situation to do it and I believe I can, I understand how to connect and I’ve got the ability to connect the people abroad with the people in Ireland.”

    I was never in obviously but if that’s the best prepared opening statement this Dragon can come up with, I’m out.

  3. Martco

    must admit my knowledge of busses isn’t as good as cars but I can tell ye one thing….

    that bus is about the most practically useful thing about the whole presidency circus

    with a bit of luck the thing will eat itself this time the more it’s scrutinised & we’ll get a referendum on the deletion of the function altogether

  4. Pee Pee

    I still can’t get over it, those 3 dragon lads honestly believe they should be the President of Ireland!! They think they should be your president! Also, good move by Sinn Fein. Ireland’s biggest political party in around 3 or 4 years I reckon.

  5. SOQ

    I kind of wonder about this bull poo scripted circus. Any other job would have a description upon which the candidates are measured. What are skills, experience and abilities that would make a good president? I am inspired by Corbyn at the mo so I will start.

    Communication skills

    So give me an example of when you…

  6. Cross Legged Most of the Time

    I dont know why I say this but none of these people look lie genuine credible presidential candidates.

  7. kerryview

    I can’t see a Sinn Fein Logo or indeed any reference to the party…….it may be there… too prominent in the pic….

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