20 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name

  1. giggidygoo

    Higgins rubbing his hands in anticipation of another few years of a yearly allowance of €317,000 tax-free, subsidized by a presidential salary.

    1. The revolution will not be televised

      So you won’t be contributing to the online fund to raise 50,000 for his campaign?

      You have to wonder what he even spends that salary on, given that everything has been paid for for the past seven years.

      1. giggidygoo

        Sure he can use €50k out of the 7x€317,000 (€2.1m+) as he doesn’t have to provide receipts or say how it was spent. Money well spent if he gets back in.
        Labour trying to cash in on a potential win – note they didn’t place a photo on their posters. Sharp practice by Labour and it’s spawn.

    2. Johnny

      I’m in awe of his tailoring,no way thats Louis Copeland,has be Saville Row.His “Charvet” shirt has to be hand washed and ironed to get those perfect folds on the cuffs-probably pressed just before he puts it on.Its immaculate the way the cuff and link just peeks out below the jacket-kudos to Mickey D,his valet,his laundry team that’s high society-wow!

      1. DeKloot

        Lemmie guess, your idea candidate would look resplendent in Eager Beaver’s most dapper duds….

        1. Johnny

          Lost me at eager beaver,not at all I admire a man who only wears hand made suits,the shirt is awfully impressive,getting that fold that perfect requires many hands-or a darn good valet.
          He’s always impeccably dressed,like he spends hours getting ready for horse shows and things.
          For a communist he’s got a great eye for good tailoring or was he more a champagne socialist ?

          1. DeKloot

            Old skool used clobber store in Temple Bar. Where i dressed as a student in the late 80’s. It smelled then and still does.

            And having been in the man’s presence a few times here’s a couple of observations;

            He wears a lot of tweed and worsted wool. Mostly Irish. He told me.

            He’s incredibly small. There’s no chance that any store would have a suit off the peg to fit him. Really.

            You don’t have to travel to Savile Row for a bespoke suit.

            You can have a bespoke or at least a custom made suit from a few spots in Dublin for the price of a branded suit – think Boss. Magee for example offer this service as do others.

            He’s the frikin’ President. He needs to look properly attired. Are you mental with the champagne nonsense?

          2. johnny

            Was it the first time you were allowed buy your own clothes, appears to have had a deep and lasting impression.
            Yeah I met him too he was in NY fo FIVE days yeah 5,staying at the presidential suite at The Mark hotel I heard.He left the tweed at home or his valet did, it was linens, silks,cottons all hand made or bespoke.
            Properly attired, its 2018 who except the commandant of the yacht club sports three piece suits, cufflink he’s out of touch,hasnt a clue.
            His speeches are unintelligible he travels with a retinue,can’t add or do math and is a barefaced commie liar.

    1. giggidygoo

      The twitter comments say it all. Champagne Socialist on almost half a million income per annum, with his own social housing and servants, seeks ;€50k in crowd funding from the plebs so that he can continue his lifestyle.

  2. diddy

    I like Michael d but he’s been living off the public purse fir far too long. time to sling your hook

    1. shortforBob

      Yeah but no.

      You haven’t thought it through.
      Voting for anyone else means having to pay yet another public pension.

    2. Frilly Keane

      he’s had his craic
      and he’s not going t’be out’ve pocket by stepping down either

      Labour should’ve ran him in 2004 when he first looked for the gig

  3. McVitty

    “Harry Potta….has anyone seen Harry Potta – silly boy seems to have left his wallet behind at Gringots” :)

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