Smithfield Business Centre Dublin. 7

The launch of Gavin Duffy’s Presidential campaign.

He said he would not need to take out a loan on his private house, as he previously stated, because he was not going to spend €200,000 on posters.

He added that he anticipated receiving not more than €50,000 in small donations, but would not accept either corporate or large donations.

Mr Duffy said that he never had a tax issue, a bad debt, or became involved in litigation, and there was nothing in his personal life that could embarrass him.

…Mr Duffy was also questioned about business dealings with Denis O’Brien, saying he had worked less than 40 hours with the businessman.

Duffy launches Presidential Election campaign in Dublin (RTÉ)


18 thoughts on “Unembarrassable

  1. Joan

    He is Fine Gael’s unofficial candidate. Would not be surprized to see him getting at least 15 percent of the vote.

      1. Joan

        He votes Fine Gael and has supported Fine Gael candidates in the past. He’s never been reticent about that.

  2. Martco

    haha..sounds like he’s setting the bar fairly low for himself there…but shure he deserves his place at the trough as much as any of them I suppose

  3. Kieran

    I suspect that the play here is to raise his profile and gain some experience this time around in order to make a proper go of it in seven years’ time.

  4. hapff

    tbf if ‘unembarrassable’ is all he has, it puts him significantly ahead of the other two dragons
    Gallagher is rattled in every interview and Casey is sinking faster than a golf ball at sea

  5. Bort

    I quite dislike him butI’d rather see a capable business man like Duffy in the Dail or Taoiseach than president to be honest.

  6. Termagant

    What a beautiful shade of Surgical Scrubs Green

    “This campaign’s flatlining, I need 53mg of charisma and 10cc of understanding the basics of human interaction, stat”

  7. john f

    This is a competition for 2nd place. Everyone knows that Michael D will walk it, he has done nothing wrong and is liked by many. With an election likely next year Fianna fall and Fine Gael do not want to waste resources on a hopeless cause.
    The remaining candidates are jockeying to enhance their profile ahead of the next presidential election. That is all that’s going on here.
    However, with Michael D entering his 80s in the coming years, we could well have an election before the 7 year Mark required by the constitution.

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