Midday Matters: Diarmuid O’Flynn


“When the history of this ignoble little era is written, Ballyhea will be a byword for honour.”

Gene Kerrigan, Sunday Independent.

At Midday.

Diarmuid O’Flynn (top addressing the Joint Finance Committee last June), of the Ballyhea Says No campaign group, joined us LIVE streaming above and on our YouTube channel.

Diarmuid, a former sportswriter, has been leading an anti-austerity march in Ballyhea, in north County Cork, since March  6, 2011. In 2014, he was appointed a parliamentary assistant to Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan MEP.

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As discussed during the interview.

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17 thoughts on “Midday Matters: Diarmuid O’Flynn

  1. D

    The protests remain an inspiration to us all and a reminder to young voters that their tax payments are being used against them to prop up a crooked financial and property cartel.

    1. Qwerty123

      Have a look at Argentina to see what letting the banks collapse and not paying your debts gets you.

      1. Ron

        usual misinformed opinion that isn’t even your own. you heard that from the same crooks that got this country into this mess. it’s the type of statement you hear others saying and you think it makes them sound clever so therefore you say it too. Do your own research and formulate your own opinion. People like you with a vote are holding thus country back by years

          1. Ron

            your not comparing apples with apples. sorry if you don’t understand it but my quota for dealing with idiots has been filled for today. idiot

  2. Joe Small

    Not sure what they think they achieved. they made good media fodder if nothing else. “ballyhea says no” was amusing because if was ridiculous and meaningless. I see Diarmuid works for ming now, so being ridiculous and meaningless can sometimes pay the bills too.

  3. JD

    Anything tangible that Ballyhea has achieved? Any specific thing at all that we can hang our hat on?

    “When the history of this ignoble little era is written, will Ballyhea be even a footnote?”

      1. Joe Small

        Calling someone al Blueshirt just because they disagree with you is pretty lazy and ignorant. playing the man and not the ball, they call it.

    1. Ron

      @JD.. They have lifted the veil on the scummy dealings of the political and banking elite in this country. for that they deserve a national people of the year award

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