We Have Clearance, Clarence


From top: Shannon Airport air traffic control; The skies over Ireland last night

IAA investigation under way into radar failure (RTÉ)

11 thoughts on “We Have Clearance, Clarence

  1. Martco

    this is a really interesting outage
    (yes for obvious reasons as standard commercial passenger aircraft move at a rate of about 15KM per min so if you lose the screens…)
    so these ATC systems are supposed to be “lock step fault tolerant” ie there’s a backup running exactly in parallel if any one component on one rig dies the other system carries on seamlessly (and the worst that happens is you get an alert to tell you to book a service call)
    but this level of fault tolerance is normally super duper expensive to achieve – way beyond what your typical bank runs on the backend. the justification for the expense used to be simply because if the system fails people die…but I know there’s been “upgrades” there…I wonder if they’re no longer taking that tack in the usual race to the bottom interests of saving money moving to cheaper “nearly the same” approaches thru non-proprietary solutions/software.

      1. Martco

        not saying they don’t but the divil is in the detail if you know what I mean…not all cars are alike.

  2. Pip

    A really good analysis, Martco.
    Totally unlike Brian Dobson’s breathless item on RTE R1 this morning.

  3. scottser

    Let me.guess:
    Russian hackers? Boris johnson? Public sector incompetance? Gemma o’doherty? TRUMP?

  4. ads

    Brexit hackers, taking pre-revenge for the “British planes won’t cross European skies” stories in the freakier-outier press?

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