78 thoughts on “Ruff And Tumble

  1. Starina

    A one-eyed chihuahua names Winky

    Why isn’t there a weekly post full of photos of this adorable doggo?!

        1. millie st murderlark

          Aye. You guys make my day palatable. And that’s really saying something, seeing as I’m an awful grumpy yoke out there in The Real World.

          Without the weird and wonderful world of BS, I think I’d probably despair of modern Irish media. Thanks guys xx

      1. realPolithicks

        Well said Raven, as someone who lives a long way from Ireland I really enjoy the humour and the insight into life in Ireland these days. Thanks to all.

  2. missred

    I’ve never seen an image of John not in his civilian clothes but I have seen this velvet corduroy chihuahua catwalk pic some time ago, never thought to link the two together. Whoops! Will have a read if I can get past the paywall.

  3. Please

    Well we finally figured out why BOTTY TV is on so late!!

    Any chance we can Vanilla to do a probing audit of John’s tax affairs now that we learn he is actually sequestered in the Netherlands ( probably) for tax purposes?

  4. Ian-O

    BS has renewed my faith in journalism these last few years.

    Thanks for being my most visited site online and keep it going, you are doing a great service and its very appreciated.

    (Love the dog too John!)

    1. Ian-O

      Dear Jesus, she posted up a link from someone who promotes Reiki and homeopathy.

      Gemma has seriously lost any respect with that sort of utter, utter crap.

      1. TheQ47

        She blocked Vicky Phelan on twitter for questioning her stance on the HPV vaccine. What a coward, and what a bullet dodged keeping her off the presidential ballot.

  5. Marbe

    Thank you John for all your invaluable work, for keeping going, for encouraging so many good/excellent writers/contributors to BS. Please don’t let anything come between yourself and the written word. Again a big THANK YOU, and love the doggie.

  6. Liam

    I haven’t seen the Reiki link so can’t comment on that. I have seen that she is questioning whether the HPV vaccine can cause illness because some women are claiming that their children have been ill since having the vaccine. I’m not a specialist so can’t comment on that, but what I will say is that I daresay women who questioned Thalidomide’s gross effects years ago, were labelled all kinds of names. We all know now that their fears were duly substantiated.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Does a vaccine against cancer cause cancer?

      That careers from “just asking questions” into the most dangerous paranoid levels of pure bathsheetery. If a Healy Rae asked that, there’d be ructions.

      1. Liam

        You’re missing the point, Daisy. Do you think the mothers involved are inventing stories? More research into to side effects has to be done. Not everything boils down to pro this or anti that. If we are giving this vaccine to our daughters then we have to know it’s safe, why that is a problem for you I cannot understand.

        1. jusayinlike


          Have vaccines caused serious harm before?

          Have Merck been caught before in any scandal in relation to their products?

          If the answers to both questions are yes, than reasonable doubt is blindly obvious.

        2. SOQ

          It’s kind of weird the hostility to objecting to having such toxins pumped into children’s bodies, especially from those who regard themselves as being left wing. The flu vaccine is based on a prediction that a certain strain will be in circulation except sometimes, it is way off the mark and some people suffer side effects for no real protection.

          There are many reasons for cervical cancer and some of them interact with each other, so knock one out and another may, I say may, kick another into action. Nobody knows yet.

          It is not pleasant but it should start with blood tests and above all, screening by competent professionals and that is where the Irish public health service fell flat. I expect that is GO’D’s point and if so, she is right, albeit in her usual ham-fisted way.

          1. Liam

            Is there something wrong with what I’ve posted three times and its subsequently been deleted? It was a tweet by Emma, R.I.P. where she mentioned the girls that have been damaged by the vaccine.

            I can’t see a reason for that to keep being deleted.

          2. Lilly

            I thought she was pro-vax and had even taken part in an ad, saying that she brought her daughter after overcoming her misgivings?

          3. Liam

            I would imagine she was in favour of a safe and fully tested vaccine, like the majority of people.

            They are her words in the tweet Johnny.

          4. johnny

            Liam-could you please stop speaking for and on behalf of people who just passed away, to call what you are doing bad taste would be a understatement,get some fresh air or something….

          5. Liam

            Bad taste is making disparaging remarks about a person’s mental health in a taunting manner, making nasty remarks about another person not having a father and then trolling a discussion about the HPV vaccine a day after Cervical Cancer has sadly claimed a young mother’s life. Good grief.

          6. johnny

            wow-there’s fanzine you can subscribe too with a few pics-get some help mate, that just swerved into creepy and weird,not in a funny haha way in a WTF way.

          7. Liam

            ‘Johnny’ and all your other alter-egos will have to find another patron to argue with and insult. Not interested.

          8. Johnny

            Yet here you are again sniffing around me,after already numerous times getting your bottom kicked-leave the dead out it,imagine or pretend you have some class and manners,let her Rest In Peace.

          9. johnny

            ‘Liam’-you truly have lost the plot, no really its time to take stock of your ‘life’ and your rather tentative grip on reality, which would appear to be slipping.

            Unlike your multiple personalities/names on here,its just-Johnny-as you appear to be shall we say paying attention to my posts, you’d understand that I have enough issues/trouble getting my own up and editing them,I don’t have the time nor interest to create and maintain any alternative names-unlike you !

            Now p*** off, grow a pair and FFS stop whinning and complaining like the loser you are…..

          10. johnny

            you got me-fair dues, well done “Liam” I guess my gig is up and I’m finally exposed, but in many ways its a relief,trying be “Johnny” ain’t easy he’s such a d**k:)

            ps-try stop listening to those voices in your head, help is available.

          11. Liam

            He wasn’t always one, he used to be entertaining, lately he’s been unbearable. Big of you to admit it though. Kudos.

          12. johnny

            yeah its very sad Liam,the decline is precipitous, do you find agreeing with mentally ill people is the best course of action-how do ‘people’ (nurses/social workers) normally interact with you ?

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        The only side effect I’ve had from vaccines is a pain in arm muscles for a short time afterwards.

  7. Specific Gravity

    Somebody said to me one day, ‘Christ, Preposterous! You look so goddam raggedy, why don’t you get yourself something to wear, you know?’

    I said, ‘Yeah well, not a bad idea’. Maybe a serious seersucker Saturday evening cranberry accoutrement ensemble would be nice.

    So I went down to the Eager Beaver and I said, ‘I want something sharp!’ I said, ‘I’m kinda in the market, in the neighborhood of something like… maybe some green gabardines with boneroo britches. And a leviticously duteronomous sort of catastrophic lunch-box Stetson, you know?

    I’d like to get some Danger High Voltage slacks, with high top, mid noon, brushed suede penny loafers, so I can be passing out wolf tickets regardless of where I go…

  8. Verbatim

    Kudos to Broadsheet and everyone behind it.
    Funnily enough I landed here years ago (and have never left) after reading an IT blog post by Roisin Ingle who mentioned in passing, that good fun news site Broadsheet. That was my lucky day!

  9. Lilly

    That article doesn’t do BS justice, doesn’t really capture the spirit of the place. But it was fair enough. Hallelujah that INM didn’t get their hands on it. Thanks for never being boring, you are all due a big fat payday.

    It was interesting to read that Olga volunteers. BS is one of the few places I’d work for nothing, if I could afford to, which sadly I can’t.

  10. Hicksonian

    Been happily stuck on here since the great swarm of finger pointers arrived in February 2011. Once 20 Major departed ye lot are the last Salmon of Knowledge left in the dried up river of online Irish Meeja. Thank you Broadsheet. Please don’t go.

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