Moving The Dial Is Futile


Earlier this morning.

Fine Gael tweeted:

Coming to a radio show near you this morning. Tune in from 9am on your local station. .


This morning.

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe (left) and Sean O’Rourke during a live Budget 2019 special on RTE Radio One.

*playful scratch, tickles tummy, etc.*


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8 thoughts on “Moving The Dial Is Futile

  1. bob oblong

    I read it as “moving the Dail is futile”, which I don’t know, could put it somewhere floating out to sea, would be a marked improvement

  2. A Person

    So they go on radio to explain, but they are put down? I heard Pascal on RTE1 this morning and I thought he was reasoned and very informed. In fairness the man could answer every question with knowledge. Surely the PPP should be asked to explain their nonsense crap live on air? And no. I’m not FG, so you can curtail your insults.

    1. Nigel

      The tradition of the finance minister going live on national radio to answer people’s questions the day after a budget has always struck me as wholly admirable and democratic even if they make me want to throw the feckin radio out the window.

      1. A Person

        I’m a liar? Why? Because I have an opinion different to yours. You’re “a liar”, seriously are your pants on fire. I thought we’d have more mature comments than this.

        He didn’t get the questions beforehand he was replying live on air to phone in callers.

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