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Bewildered Student writes

Following on from your item [RTÉ omitting the landlord tax relief measure in the budget from their news last night], consider this gem. It’s quite breathtaking.

Did you know that this year 5 million will be taken FROM the Social Welfare budget to account for the free TV licences given to senior citizens.

You certainly won’t know from following RTÉ’s budget coverage (see above).

Now, see if you can watch [RTÉ News’ Economics Correspondent] Sean Whelan (above) deliver the ‘good’ Social Welfare budget news without hitting your screen.


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3 thoughts on “Spare A Thought

  1. Rob_G

    I imagine that this figure is tiny compared to what it will cost reinstate the Christmas ‘bonus’, and the extra €5 per week. This is a pre-election budget and the doleheads have done quite well out of it, I’m sure that they won’t mind.

  2. Cian

    Its just saying that the 5m is technically Social Welfare.

    The State puts the €5m into Social Welfare, and it gets transferred to RTE
    The State puts the €5m into RTE

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