The controversial ‘hearth-based’ Virgin screw-up last night

All better.

Last night: One Job


*sucks teeth*


20 thoughts on “Grate News

    1. Dub Spot

      “SweatBox”? My Virgin broadband just had a wireless router and some cabling. Did I miss a box somewhere?

  1. Please

    Buzz was happy and now you guys have all peed on him.
    Well maybe that makes him happy too, if SOQ is correct.

    Buzz, don’t mind them man
    Rise above the hatin


  2. Murtles

    Poor Buzz, gets indignant and rants on Twitter for attention but is shot down immediately as someone points out the laminate floor underneath.
    But there’s a new hearth going in tweets Buzz
    Did you tell the engineer Buzz?
    No I didn’t, he should have asked? say Buzz
    Of course Buzz, while your gulping tea being non verbal, those stupid non-psychic engineers working for Virgin who see a fireplace with a wooden floor underneath should KNOW there’s a new hearth going in and not that the fireplace is never used which was my first thought.

  3. TheQ47

    It’s still a mess. Any good electrician will tell you that surface wiring is second rate.

    — John Finucane (@johnjoechad) October 11, 2018

    So you think the Virgin media guy should have chased the cable into the wall, and plastered it back up again, and painted it too? ..’Sake.

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