The Lost Gardens


Daniel St Ledger writes:

“Here are some shots of O’Devaney Gardens in Dublin 7.

Your readers might like to see, after 50 years, the last block of flats are being knocked down, to make way for new development, some say a land grab?

End of an era really.”

Daniel St Ledger

Related: O’Devaney Gardens site construction to start after 10 year delay (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times, July 3, 2018)

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10 thoughts on “The Lost Gardens

  1. rando facto

    well there’s a neat historical irony. O’Devaney Gardens is named after Bishop O’Devaney, executed in Arbor Hill in the 17th century for being a Catholic. Daniel’s ancestors, the St. Ledger’s, were decidedly on the other side during that period

  2. gorugeen

    Had the mispleasure of living nearby. An utter kip it was. Terrible conditions to house people in. Onwards.

    1. Joe

      An example of how poorly thought out council property was in the past. It’s part of the reason councils don’t want to build social housing in case the create more ghettos.

    2. Scundered

      But when you think about it, is there really much difference between that and modern apartment blocks? The buildings may be ugly but they aren’t the problem, it’s the people you put in them. But of course we can’t be telling the truth in case someone gets offended.

      1. Starina

        Actually there have been studies on the detrimental effects of hideous social housing blocks on the psychological well-being of its residents. Wake up to sh&t, have a mindset of sh&t.

  3. Verbatim

    I’m sure it was “home” to a lot of families, lovely video and sound track, despite inelegant © over it.

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