21 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Clampers Outside!

    That was a crackin’ debate wha’ :)

    …in summary….

    Duffy… man o’ deh peeple. …thought he was on ‘Whose Lie Is it Anyway’

    Ni Riadh… “the ordinary people” …repeat ad nauseum.

    Casey…. “He even makes the tele greasy” …was heard in our house.

    Freeman… “sure, we’ll have another Mass.” (I wasn’t paying attention, so I’m guessing)

    Michael D… “Can I ring a friend”

    Gallagher… Also absent…. consistent… like the last 7 years.

    (Please note…. Most quotes are not real quotes.)

    1. SOQ

      Gallagher and Higgins not turning up is very odd, not to mention quite disrespectful to the electorate. I am beginning to wonder if Gallagher has dirt.

      There is certainly something afoot.

      1. giggidygoo

        Clare Byrne started batting for the President, reading a statement from his election team. Sh was quickly shut up by Gavin Duffy who in no uncertain terms told her that she (RTE) should not be a mouthpiece for a fellow that wouldn’t come on the debate. If he wanted to make a point then he should have participated in person.
        Last nights debate, with the simplistic questions, produced a definite loser – Clare Byrne.

  2. Lilly

    According to Morning Ireland, Liadh Ni Riada was doing well until she laid into Joan Freeman. Anyone know what she said? Michael D is playing it shrewdly. Why debate when you’re so far ahead.

    1. giggidygoo

      She said, commenting on Freeman’s ‘loan’ and how easy it was to get it, and said ‘I don’t know what your relationship is with him’ (in my view she was asking Freeman basically to give a reason why someone would give such an amount to her), and Freeman turned it into a ‘are you suggesting that I have some sort of physical relationship – my husband is in the audience’ comment.
      That got Freeman off answering why she would be financed in this way, and whether she is beholden to the loaner. Might get an answer next debate.

      1. Lilly

        That was mean alright. What’s so hard to understand about one friend openly giving another a loan.

        1. Rob_G

          Instead of engaging in shady loans, why couldn’t Freeman, I don’t know, rob a bank, or extort some heroin dealers?

        2. Cian

          When the loan is €120 it’s what friends do.

          When it’s €120,000 – that’s a while lot different.

          1. Lilly

            Jeez, broaden your horizons would you Cian. Just because €120,000 is a King’s ransom for you doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

  3. Vanessa off the Telly

    That I can see anyway
    of Paddy Power getting an AML fine in the UK

    Anyone? Johnny Hamptons maybe?

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Today’s #despitebrexit new from the UK.

    New unemployment figures released today show that unemployment fell by 47,000 in the three months to August, taking the UK unemployment down to just 4%, and youth unemployment down to its lowest level in history.

    Overall, 338,000 new full-time jobs added were added to the UK economy last year – while the number of part-time jobs fell slightly.

    Any remember the half a million job losses immediately after the referendum result promised by Project Fear ?

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Wage growth at its highest level in a decade.
      Reduce immigration and force employers to pay better wages.
      Simple really.

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