A Private Tribunal


This afternoon.

RTÉ’s Health Correspondent Fergal Bowers is reporting that High Court Judge Mr Justice Charles Meenan’s report on potential alternatives to the court process for women affected by the CervicalCheck scandal is now with the Government.

Mr Bowers said it’s expected that Judge Meenan’s report will be published within the next hour or so.

Ahead of this, Mr Bowers reported:

“His report was given to the minister last night and brought before Cabinet today. Probably, it will be published in the next hour or two. And as I understand it, I mean, alternatives are limited but I believe it’s going to recommend, particularly, that they go down the route of a compensation tribunal.

“And we’ve had similar compensation tribunals here for people infected with Hepatitis C and HIV through contaminated blood.”

“…The nature of these tribunals are that they’re held in private, and people can go in with or without a legal advisor, make their case and then an adjudication will be made, an award recommended.

“If somebody isn’t happy with that award, they can go to the courts.

“The big question, of course, is the State funds the tribunal. That’s the taxpayer and so will the State then pursue other parties, say some of the laboratories, to recoup that money. That might be tricky but that’s obviously an important point.”

Tribunal could be set up over CervicalCheck crisis (RTE)


The 33-page report can be read in full here

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6 thoughts on “A Private Tribunal

    1. Cian

      “… the injuries suffered by the women and their families are of a particularly intimate and harrowing nature and ought not to be seriously open to challenge. Medical records and reports speak for themselves. Women and their families could be spared the trauma of having to give such evidence by agreed written statements. Such evidence could also be given in private. I note that under s. 65(2) of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 that, though Fitness to Practice hearings are heard in public, evidence of “personal matters” may be heard in private. There ought to be a similar provision for cases arising from CervicalCheck and, indeed, other Personal Injury cases.”

      It’s not all secrecy.. further down he suggests:
      Determinations of the Tribunal may be published in anonymized form.

  1. LeopoldGloom

    Tribunals, were no one will be found guilty of anything, and no charges can be made. Barristers and Soliciters are the biggest winners and TDs can say look, we set up a tribunal to investigate.


    1. Cian

      This is a tribunal as an Alternative System for Dealing With Claims Arising From CervicalCheck, i.e. to decide how much money to give the women affected by the scandal. Nothing more.

  2. Elizabeth Mainwaring

    Corky Houlihan says the legal eagles in Fitzwilliam are already licking their chops.

  3. andy

    If they don’t like the award they can go to court……
    And it’s off to court they will go.

    Lawyers got to get paid

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