This morning.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

A mural funded by independent Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynn promoting Michael D Higgins’ presidential re-election campaign which promises seven more years of ‘Articulating the Nation’.

The excitement is palpable.

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15 thoughts on “Cobblers

  1. Brother Barnabas

    looks like the work of mannix flynn to me… who wasn’t keen on DCC nominating gemma o’d

      1. Brother Barnabas

        owned by the locksmith next to it. biggest and busiest heroin den in the city centre now.

        1. Dhaughton99

          I passed it leading to the council offices the other morning and it’s mad the amount of dealing there. Slow driving taxis going along there and the quays with junkies hanging out the window and doing deals without stopping. It’s extraordinary to see.

        2. Starina

          It was a kind of safe spot for feral cat litters for a few years until the junkies found a hole in the fence a couple years ago. yiichhh,

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    That site has been derelict for decades.
    Would be nice to see it built on, rather than just being the canvas for the occasional provocative message, or in this case, canvas.

  3. Dub Spot

    Does Mannix Flynn own the site or rent the hoarding? From whom? It’s his personal space it seems. Artane band one week, James X the next, now it’s Michael D Higgins. Who is paying for this?


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