30 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. McVitty

    Are they saying dogs are gay? I mean I’ve seen a few hump each other in the park on Saturdays but I thought it was only a few, never the entire species….I mean the females….surely….

  2. Brother Barnabas

    i’d interpret this in a similar vein to ‘no woman, no cry’

    there’s a sad story of spurned love behind it

  3. Mickey Twopints

    I hate to be in the position of siding with Arlene, but in fairness I don’t think she’s really gay, and she probably wouldn’t enjoy being thought of as Irish.

  4. Dermie

    Jaypers, you really have to laugh at the amount of brain cells a person has to go out of their way to hang that up..

  5. Shayna

    A quick google search revealed that The Nogay (or Nogai, Noghai) are a Turkic steppe people indigenous to Northern Dagestan, Chechnya, and Stavropol Krai. No mention of an Irish connection however?

    1. f_lawless

      “Noirish – characteristic of, or relating to, film noir”. I think we’re on to something here

  6. Gabby

    NO SEX PLEASE; WE’RE BRITISH was one of the best graffiti slogans. Another memorable one said: MARY POPPINS IS A JUNKIE. That one about Irish & no gay eschews literary finesse.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Okay,we’ll try one more time to get this past whichever peanut brain is moderating tonight.
      No Sex Please We’re British was a satirical farce which ran for three years in the West End and toured internationally as recently as 2015.
      It was not a graffiti slogan.
      If you think it is you’re thick.

  7. Ollie Cromwell

    In the spirit of multiculturalism and this being National Curry Week in Blighty tonight I have been mostly eating a wonderful chicken jalfrezi,pilau rice,onion bhajis and poppadums cooked by my good chum and local tandoori restaurant owner Balvinder.
    Or Bal the B@stard as he is known down at the local rugger club for his vicious no-quarter-given tackling.
    Marvellous tucker.

  8. Lilly

    I don’t read Ollie often enough to pick up on any stylistic quirks, but the contrarian vibe makes me wonder, might his first name be Kevin?

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Oooh,that hurts.

      Meanwhile,some pun-tastic #despitebrexit news
      The Netherlands’ attempts to rival the UK have not been going well of late. First £33 billion Anglo-Dutch publishing giant RELX announced it was moving its HQ entirely to London, then Unilever’s Dutch dash was thwarted by a major shareholder revolt. Now, despite the froth of the Brexit negotiations, Starbucks has become the latte-ist company to pick London over its continental rivals.

      The caffeine-fuelled corporate announced that it is closing its Amsterdam office and is consolidating its EMEA HQ in London. To cup it all off, they have even encouraged their Amsterdam staff not to venti their frustrations but apply for open positions in their London office instead. Yet another story making a mocha-ry of Remainers’ claims that the UK won’t thrive after Brexit…

  9. :-Joe

    At least you know what to expect… well done ye dumb f…’s

    If it’s not just ignorance at least you know they’re not very talented and it’s not going very far.

    It’s hilariousr that people want to create a banner out of their ignorance and intolerance and go to the daft extent of hanging it over a motorway without a signature, like some anonymous badge of retarded honorific expression.

    Better out in the open than in some weird basement of deluded horror… brewing up for f.. knows how long and then exploding in a worse situation at random…

    I’m almost sure the LGBT+ community can agree on that idealogy in general…

    Igmorant, intolerant, bigotry and racism is still learning how to come out…


  10. SOQ

    Unfortunately the current Brexit climate in the UK has given these retards what they feel is license to abuse minorities as they see fit. And, if Brexit does happen, this sort of thing is only going to get worst.

    So when the likes of Oille pretends the whole thing is a big joke, it is worth remembering that the level of violence against LGBT+ has skyrocketed and it is only a matter of time before someone gets killed. It is no joke, it is the raw and ugly face of right wing nationalism, something which the north had way too much of in the first place.

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